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Five Best Ways To Germinate Seeds

This content was originally published on Starting a garden from seed? Well get ready for an education in germination. These are the five best ways to germinate your seeds and a few tips on how to plant your seeds once they’ve rooted. Luckily, germinating seeds successfully doesn’t take a science degree. But it will […]

The Importance Of pH Water Balance – Why And How To Do It

This content was originally published on I dont have a PHD but I can tell you that you are having a pH problem. Are your plants showing signs of limp folliage, sluggish growth and stressed yellowing leaves? Well i’m here to tell you about viagra for plants. No i’m just kidding. A quick and […]

Stop Trying And Start Growing! Easiest Water Only Soil!

This content was originally published on Stop trying and start growing with the easiest water only soil growing medium. I started growing 7 years ago and after my very first grow I’ve always tried to improve on one thing… find a way to make my life easier! Whether it was updating my growing equipment […]

Pros And Cons Of Hand Trimming Buds vs. Automated Trimmers

This content was originally published on Who is excited about harvest season! About 20 years ago, the only way to trim your flowers was to hand trim each bud. This was a thorough but slow process. Hired laborers working for days trimming until their wee little fingers turn black and blue. It’s a process […]