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Delta 8 THC and Other Medications, Prescriptions

Since hemp and hemp-derived products have become federally legal, their popularity has incredibly risen. With more research on the advantages and features of hemp, it is becoming more explicit about its underestimated medicinal use of this plant and products containing cannabinoids. Much information still remains uncertain or unknown; that is why we are going to […]

Pick a High-Delta 8 vs Delta 9

Is there a Different High Between Delta 8 vs Delta 9 How do you Pick a High-Delta 8 vs Delta 9? If you’re following the trends in the hemp industry, you know very well that delta 8, also known as delta8 and delta-8 THC, is quickly rising in popularity, being a very unique type of […]

Delta 8 May Help with Nausea and Appetite

What is Effect of Delta 8 Effects for Potentially Reducing Nausea and Stimulating Appetite? Delta 8 May Help with Nausea and Appetite. Nausea and low appetite are symptoms that we’ve all experienced at one point or another, and typically they pass, and we forget that they ever happened in the first place.  There are various scenarios, […]

Delta 8 Topical Solutions for Pain

Just How Effective are Delta 8 Topical Solutions for Pain?  It’s not surprising to anyone who has been following the hemp industry that delta 8 topicals are beginning to emerge on the market.  Delta 8 THC has proven to be a gamechanger in the hemp universe, being a unique type of cannabinoid mostly known for […]

Delta 8 for Seniors

Is Choosing Delta 8 for Seniors a better option? We’re seeing a growing market for delta 8 THC, which is yet another cannabinoid from the hemp plant that’s being studied for its unique effects on the body.  We know that CBD has a lot to offer to those dealing with a wide range of complaints, […]

Delta 8 Expiration Date: Shelf Life Explained

Is there a Delta 8 Expiration Date: Do Most Delta 8 Products Have a Longer or Shorter Shelf Life? A lot of us out there are finding ourselves eagerly stocking up on as many delta 8 products as we can find, as it’s hard to not feel excited about what this unique cannabinoid can offer […]

Delta 8 THC and Sleeping Disorders

Could Delta 8 Be the Next Answer for Certain Sleeping Disorders? Delta 8 THC and Sleeping Disorders About 1 in 4 Americans report disturbed sleep on a semi-frequent basis, and a large number of those Americans find themselves relying on prescription drugs during particularly sleepless nights.  But, over the last few years, we’ve been finding […]

Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration

Is it true that Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration? Everyone’s talking about delta 8 THC, which is the latest and greatest cannabinoid to be isolated out of the hemp plant.  Delta 8 THC has a lot in common with delta 9 THC and behaves similarly to CBD in terms of how […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Washington

Where can I Buy CBD Flower in Washington? CBD flower is quickly becoming a hot item on the hemp market, and it’s easy to see why.  This particular product offers the purest form of the compounds in hemp, being the raw flower buds picked from the mature industrial hemp plant.  Within these buds you’ll find […]

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Oregon

Can I Buy CBD Flower in Oregon? So you want to buy CBD flower in Oregon. The CBD industry is taking off like never before, as people around the world are discovering that the compounds in hemp are a great addition to their daily regimens.  In the state of Oregon, the hemp market is booming, […]

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