5 Tips to Avoid Burning Your Weed

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 21, 2022
Burning Weed, Cannabis in fire
Burning Weed, Cannabis in fire

When it comes to smoking a joint, sometimes it feels like the universe just does not want us to enjoy our weed. You can put all of your efforts into rolling the most beautiful joint on the planet, but after just a few puffs of smoking it, it is burning so unevenly that it is a complete waste.

Luckily, there are several really simple tips to help prevent the dreaded joint canoe, which ensures complete cannabis disappointment. Getting a nice, evenly burning joint is pretty much failproof with these basic steps.

What is Joint Canoeing?

A joint “canoes” when one side burns faster than the other, and before long, you have the paper disappearing completely, exposing the weed inside, on one half of the joint. It looks like a canoe that’s cradling your herb, but the problem is that it means that a lot of that joint is going to waste. 

Steps to Prevent Your Joint from Burning

Now, while there are multiple factors behind a canoeing joint, there are also several preventative steps on how to stop a joint burning that you can take to ensure that your chances of a duff joint are diminished.

Step #1: Grind Your Weed Properly

Getting the right grind is the first key when it comes to how to stop your joint from burning unevenly. Without the ideal grind, you will end up with an uneven joint, which means that the paper and your herb will burn at different rates. If you do not have one, invest in a grinder – they are very inexpensive, including high-quality models – and get a nice, consistent and even grind. You always want to go to the finer side for a joint, but not so fine that you have a bunch of weed powder that will burn practically in seconds.

Step #2: Pack Your Joint Evenly

How you pack your joint has everything to do with how to stop a weed joint from burning unevenly. When you are distributing freshly ground weed onto your rolling paper, take a couple of extra seconds to make sure that you have a long, even line from beginning to end, where it is not piled high in any section. The more evenly distributed it is, the more evenly it burns.

Step #3: Light Weed Joint the Right Way

How you light your joint can make a surprising difference. If you thought you have been lighting it the right way this whole time, you may need to think again. The key is twisting the joint between your fingers as you light it so that the entire end is lit – not just one corner, which happens more often than you think. Also, you do want to take tiny puffs while lighting it to get all of the weed burning at once but do not inhale too hard or you may burn the weed faster than the paper.

Step #4: Use Only High-Quality Rolling Paper

Sometimes, you can do everything right and still end up with a sorry-looking canoe. It could very well be the paper that you are using since not all rolling papers are high in quality. If the paper is made from cheap material, or if it is too thin or too thick, it will not burn at the ideal rate to complement the burn rate of the actual weed. So, make a point of buying higher-quality rolling paper. Besides more even burning that is expected to be enjoyed, you will also know you are not potentially inhaling harsh chemicals commonly used to treat lower-quality papers.

Step #5: Rotate Your Joint While Smoking

The final step to avoiding an uneven burn is to rotate the joint while you smoke. You do not need to be obsessively precise about it, but overall, after each couple of puffs, consider rotating it 90 degrees. The reason why this works is that unbeknownst to most of us, we tend to favor one side of our mouths when we pull. This means that little by little, we are burning our joints more on one side than the other. Rotating it regularly means each side gets the same amount of pull for a more even burn.

Say Goodbye to Burnt Joints Once and For All!

Nobody likes a joint canoe, especially when you paid a lot for some premium buds. The good news is that it is really easy to prevent and now you know how to stop a joint from burning so that you can get as much satisfaction out of each and every joint that you roll. As you can see, it all starts with finding the very best papers and grinding them to perfection before rolling them evenly, lighting your joint properly and rotating while you smoke. These steps take virtually zero effort and are well worth it when you get to savor all of the weed that is in your joint.