5 Ways to Tell You’re Buying Good Weed Online

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 3, 2023
Buy Weed Online
Buy Weed Online

The weed market gets more convenient every year, with many avid bud lovers skipping the lines at dispensaries entirely and opting for cannabis that they can order online and have shipped right to their homes. But, without the ability to touch and smell the buds in person, online shoppers have to rely on a whole new set of standards to make sure that they’re buying only the best quality buds possible.  Here are 5 easy tips to tell a good weed from a bad weed. 

#1: Trichome Count

The first tip for knowing how to tell if your weed is good is by examining the trichomes. The trichomes that coat each bud of cannabis tell us a lot about what type of experience we’re in for. It’s these sticky glands that give the flower its hairy, crystallized appearance, coating the rich green color of marijuana. When we talk about a trichome count, we’re not asking you to count every single trichome on the bud – that would be impossible, and unnecessary. But, when you examine buds that are being sold online, you should see a nice, generous coating of these trichomes, which can range from deep amber to frosty white, and look like thick, long hairs or sticky crystals depending on the strain. The trichomes contain the terpenes in the plant that give it its flavor, aroma and strain-specific effects, and the more trichome-dense your buds are, the more thoughtfully they were bred.

#2: Stem and Seed Content

If you purchase weed that is loaded with stems and seeds, then you’re getting ripped off. Stems and seeds do contain generally desirable compounds found in the hemp plant, but the potency of these compounds is so low in these portions of the plant that they’re not worth paying for. Stems and seeds exist as fillers, bringing up the weight of the weed you buy while diluting its quality and potency. In other words, stems and seeds floating around in your jar or pouch of buds mean that you’re not getting premium-quality by any stretch of the imagination.

Top-grade weed is hand-trimmed, meaning that the seeds and stems are carefully removed from each bud before it’s packaged. This way, you’re getting nothing but 100% pure potent flower without any filler whatsoever.

#3: Bud Structure

Of course, examining the bud structure is also a key factor. You see, there’s a visual difference between indica and sativa strains, with the former being somewhat wispy and the latter being dense. Keeping this in mind, give a nice look at the flower that’s pictured. Overall, the nugs should have a nice shape and not look like they were trimmed down to the point of being too small. Many companies that sell premium buds nowadays do trim each nug into a nice, symmetrical shape, and this extra touch does show that the company cares about all of the details that matter.

#4: Shelf System

Maybe you’ve heard the term “top-shelf”, which means that the flower being sold is of the highest quality that exists on the market. This grading system is maintained within the industry, and top-shelf flower is typically flower that is fresh, has a potent aroma and flavor, has an exceptional terpene profile and is hand-trimmed to perfection. Just don’t go on this term alone, because we’re finding that more and more companies are calling their buds “top-shelf” when they’re anything but it. If a company has a strong reputation and lots of positive reviews, you can trust that they’re using this grading system appropriately. In fact, many companies offer a large selection of cannabis buds ranging from lower-grade, budget-friendly options to top-shelf cultivars.

#5: Taste & Aroma

When you do receive your weed order from an online company, the taste and aroma will tell you instantly whether you got what you were looking for. Basically, if you end up with a stale-smelling or flat-tasting product, you know that you didn’t get the quality level that you deserve. Weed should smell and taste fresh, complex and pungent.

Final Thoughts

With just a little knowledge, you will be able to place orders for weed online and know that you are getting the good stuff. Just look for a company that has lots of positive reviews and enjoy the convenience of waiting for delicious nugs to arrive at your door.