Binoid HHC Vape Cartridge Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 20, 2022
HHC Review Vape Cartridge Binoid
HHC Review Vape Cartridge Binoid

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is yet another exciting new cannabinoid to hit the scene and offer unique value to hemp enthusiasts.  One company that embraced this cannabinoid early on was Binoid.  So, it’s no wonder their HHC vapes remain extremely popular, providing users with a great selection of strains while containing a highly pure formula. 

Awesome Packaging

Binoid HHC Vape Cartridges are packaged in a way that instantly gives you an indication of the overall product quality.  The non-flimsy materials show you that the brand cares about the details, and the cartridge itself is kept in an airtight seal to ensure that the contents stay fresh for maximum potency and flavor.  Each cart package gives you all of the info you need about what’s inside.  This includes the ingredients, product amount, and the strain.  Plus, a nice summary of what to expect from each strain, which is a cool touch.

Great Transparency

Binoid is known for their transparency, and that’s a huge part of their success.  They provide customers with loads of information about their various manufacturing processes, from seed to sale, on their website.  Their customer service team is always happy to answer questions about their products.  On their website, they even provide lots of information about each and every formula in their catalog.  This is so consumers have thorough knowledge about what they’re receiving.

Vape Cartridge Material and Compatibility

Any vaper will tell you that vape carts should be sturdy and compatible with the devices they are meant to go with.  So, this HHC vape cartridge and all Binoid vape carts for that matter are the following:

  • Constructed using stainless-steel and Pyrex glass
  • Built-in coil
  • 510-threaded
  • Mouthpiece at the top so when taking pulls, you don’t burn your lips
  • Can fit 510 battery devices


Binoid’s HHC Vape Cartridge provides you with a full gram of vape oil.  All you gotta do is choose from a number of sought-after strains.

  • Sunset Sherbet: Potent indica strain known for its long-lasting high, along with a citrusy sweet n’ creamy flavor profile.
  • Hawaiian Sunrise: Sativa-dominant hybrid, boasting notes of tropical fruits, which is popular for morning and daytime vaping due to its “boosting” properties.
  • Cali Gold: An indica-dominant hybrid with a grassy, woodsy flavor and aroma, mellowing out your mood without putting you to sleep.
  • Lucid Blue: Extremely potent sativa with a powerful euphoria effect and a blueberry-like taste.
  • Super Silver Haze: This popular sativa is known for its uplifting effects, couple with a spicy, earthy, and slightly sour flavor.
  • Gorilla Glue: A piney-tasting indica-dominant hybrid that provides a euphoric buzz followed by a soothing sensation in the body and mind, along with a feeling of being “glued” to the couch.

Other Actives

Their HHC Vape Cartridge does not contain any other active ingredients and vapes rarely do.  Specifically, for two reasons:

  1. People who prefer to vape typically want to experience nothing but the pure form of a cannabinoid. 
  2. Most active ingredients used in other types of products like capsules and topicals are simply not safe to inhale into the lungs.

Overall Formula

One of Binoid’s main selling points is that they keep additives and fillers out of their products, which is exactly what you’ll find with their HHC vape carts.  The brand uses zero cutting agents like MCT oil, PG, or VG, to keep their cartridge clean and pure.  Cartridge consists of 100% hemp extracts, with an hexahydrocannabinol distillate making up 94% of the total contents, and the rest being naturally derived terpenes (6%).


Binoid is a brand that maintains strict lab-testing protocol with all of their products, including their HHC carts.  The lab-testing is carried out by a state-licensed third-party facility, where purity levels are identified, chemical compounds are tested for and more.  The brand makes their lab reports easy to find on their website.

Flavor Profile

HHC Vape Cartridge comes in six distinctive strains, each with its own flavor profile as indicated earlier.  Naturally then, the taste you will experience depends on which strain is selected.  Still, each cartridge has a uniquely bold and fresh flavor due to the freshness of those terpenes, and the expert extraction methods used by Binoid.

Type of Experience to Expect

Vaping a Binoid HHC Vape Cartridge feels a lot like vaping delta 9 THC.  Basically, the high is stronger than delta 8 THC, as well as more euphoria-inducing and mind-altering.  This means beginners should definitely start out with one puff.  The effects take place within minutes, lasting for up to 2 hours or so while feeling quite potent.  The more specific effects being felt all depend on the strain you choose.

Our Final Opinion

Binoid HHC Vape Cartridges really are taking the cannabinoid vaping world to new heights.  Besides their durability, these HHC and THC carts for sale maintain the flawless quality standards associated with the brand while providing vapers with an entirely new cannabinoid experience.  A key tip when using a vape cart, once you get enough experience using HHC: Best to hold each hit for 5-10 seconds during use, as this can increase the effectiveness when vaping.  Overall, Binod HHC vapes are a great way to introduce yourself to the properties of hexahydrocannabinol, as you can pick from some of the best strains in our industry, while knowing that you’re enjoying one of the purest formulas available.