Binoid THC-O Gummies Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 21, 2022
THC-O Review Gummies Binoid
THC-O Review Gummies Binoid

THC-O-acetate (THC-O) is undoubtedly the cannabinoid that has gotten a lot of hemp enthusiasts really excited.  What with all this hype?  Well, thanks to its potent psychoactive effects that are about 3x as intoxicating as traditional delta 9 THC, few companies have embraced the THC-O trend as early on as Binoid.  This company offers a great variety of top-quality THC-O product options.  Their gummies are among their most popular products and are absolutely worth giving a try if you want a longer-lasting THC-O experience.

Awesome Packaging

Binoid THC-O Gummies come in a packaging that entices you at first glance.  The black jar has bold colors that reflect the flavor of the gummy inside.  The jar is made from sturdy materials and has an airtight seal to keep the flavor and the THC-O-acetate fresh, which is always important.  On the label, you’ll find all of the information needed pertaining to the ingredients, flavor, milligram strength, user instructions, etc.

Great Transparency

Binoid is a highly transparent brand, which has earned them loads of trust over the years.  They’re clear about everything a customer could want to know, including the sourcing of their hemp, their extraction methods and the ingredients that go into each formula, including their gummies.  They are proud of their quality standards and have nothing to hide.  Consumers can learn more through their customer service team.


There are 20 pieces total, with 25 milligrams of THC-O-acetate per gummy equaling 500mg total.  This is considered a standard serving size.  You can choose from several flavors, or simply purchase a bundle that gives you one of each.

  • Blueberry Pie: A mouthwatering blueberry treat with sweetness and a hint of tang
  • Sour Cherry Lime: Explosion of sour n’ sweet cherry and lime flavors
  • Pina Colada: A paradise filled with juicy and tropical coconuts and pineapples
  • Mixed: Contains different mixed flavors, including Blueberry Pie, Pina Colada, and Sour Cherry Lime,.

Other Actives

These THC-O Gummies do not contain any other active ingredients, as THC-O-acetate is the star and does its job effectively.

Overall Formula

Overall, we are quite amazed with this gummy formula.  It’s refreshingly clean and free of additives and fillers, because these simply add zero value to the end product.  Their gummies rely on natural ingredients for the most part.  Plus, there is nothing questionable in the ingredients list.  The formula is also fully vegan, as it uses pectin rather than gelatin to achieve that gummy texture.  Use 92% pure THC-O-acetate distillate.


Binoid’s THC-O Gummies undergo a strict lab-testing process carried out by a licensed third-party facility, which is done to ensure that the gummies have only the highest-quality, purest THC-O-acetate n possible.  You can access lab reports through the website.

Flavor Profile

Binoid worked hard to create three delicious flavors for their gummies, and each one has exactly what you want out of a gummy thanks to high-quality ingredients and the perfect amount of sweetness.  You’ll enjoy real fruit extracts that offer a natural and clean taste.

Type of Experience to Expect

If you’ve never taken a gummy before, then you should keep in mind that it can take between 1 to 2 hours to really feel the effects.  So, you want to be patient instead of taking more until you feel them kick in.  The THC-O will likely start to peak with feelings of euphoria and a heavy body sensation that may make you want to just curl up on the couch and enjoy your favorite movie.  The standard dose should produce a moderately psychoactive response, and higher doses could trigger mild psychedelic effects.  Effects can last for about 8 hours, which is standard with edibles.  If you’re a beginner, do not exceed the recommended dosage on the label, as THC-O-acetate is very potent.

SERVING SIZE: Take 1/2 or less of a gummy to start, they are strong!

Our Final Opinion

Binoid THC-O Gummies offer a great alternative to the more prevalent THC-O vapes, while delivering exquisite flavor, great quality, and a solid, long-lasting THC-O-acetate experience.  Not to mention, these premium gummies are infused with THC-O, instead of the regular low-end THC-O gummies that are sprayed-on and unhealthy.  So, if you’re into edibles, you will wanna get your hands on this unique compound in a gummy form today!