Binoid THC-P Vape Cartridge Review

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 20, 2022
THC-P Review Vape Binoid
THC-P Review Vape Binoid

Binoid was one of the first brands to launch their own THC-P products, allowing hemp enthusiasts to explore the latest psychoactive cannabinoid to be discovered from the hemp plant.  Their THC-P Vape Cartridges remain enormously popular, and for good reason.

  • Easy to use
  • Exceptional in quality
  • Great choice of popular strains for users to explore

Basically, these cartridges are among the finest users will find anywhere, as you’re about to find out.

Awesome Packaging

Binoid’s THC-P Vape Cartridge has everything you want in terms of its packaging.  It comes in a non-flimsy package made from quality materials, with the cartridge itself protected within an airtight seal, which is critical as this ensures that both the potency and the flavor are completely fresh.  On the label of the product, you’ll get all of the important info about what’s inside, like the amount of vape oil in the cartridge, the ingredients and the strain, with the added bonus of the overall effects of the strain, which is a great touch.

Great Transparency

Binoid is always top-notch as far as transparency is concerned.  The brand goes to great lengths to share how their products are made from seed to sale, taking pride in their use of organic hemp plant material, thorough third-party testing protocol and clean, naturally derived ingredients.  They share the ingredients that they use in their vape cartridges.  Also have customer service available for those who want to learn more. 

Vape Cartridge Material and Compatibility

Any vaper will tell you that vape carts should be sturdy and compatible with the devices they are meant to go with.  So, this THC-P vape cartridge and all Binoid vape carts for that matter are the following:

  • Constructed using stainless-steel and Pyrex glass
  • Built-in coil
  • 510-threaded
  • Mouthpiece at the top so when taking pulls, you don’t burn your lips
  • Can fit 510 battery devices


Binoid THC-P vape carts each provide a full gram of vape oil in a wide variety of strains:

  • Aurora: Mellowing indica that is great for evening use and enjoying at bedtime, as it can offer a nice soothing effect to both body and mind.  It has a spicy, sweet flavor profile.
  • Fruit Loops: A popular hybrid strain known for its familiar cereal-like flavor and sativa-like properties, making it great for socializing.
  • God’s Gift: This powerfully potent indica is a popular nighttime choice that can make you feel heavy in all of the right ways, while pleasing you with flavor notes of grape and citrus.
  • Trainwreck: Powerful sativa known for its extremely uplifting and fast-acting properties.  It’s also one of the most potent strains on the market thanks in large part to its flavor notes including lemon, menthol, and pine.

Other Actives

Their THC-P cartridge actually contains delta 8 THC, as this is very common among THC-P vaping products.  Because cannabinoids have a synergistic relationship with one another, combining these two together can elevate the effectiveness and absorption of tetrahydrocannabiphorol, while ensuring a balanced sensation within the body and the mind.  Essentially, expect a potent and powerful mental and physical buzz.

Overall Formula

Binoid is proud of their ultra-clean formulas, and this cart is no exception.  It contains 100% pure hemp, meaning there are zero additives, fillers, or dilution agents.  Some brands put VG, PG, or MCT oil in their vapes, which dilutes the potency of the hemp itself.  Binoid is a company that refuses to use any ingredients that aren’t necessary.


Binoid has all products third-party tested by a laboratory that is registered with the state.  This is to ensure those purity and quality levels meet or exceed industry standards.  You can find their lab tests on their website.

Flavor Profile

Each strain has its own distinctive flavor profile, as noted earlier.  The terpenes in each cartridge are extremely fresh, so you will really be able to taste each and every note.

Type of Experience to Expect

This THC-P vape cartridge offers effects that can be felt within minutes, lasting for a couple of hours at most while being particularly potent due to the nature of vaping.  The high can be stronger than what you’re used to with delta 8 or delta 10, so keep this in mind when deciding how many puffs to take.  Tetrahydrocannabiphorol of course, is the star here, although delta 8 THC is definitely at work in the background.  You’ll likely feel a heavier high than you would with delta 8 alone.  Why?  Due to how powerful this cannabinoid is, with more specific effects depending on which strain you have chosen.

Our Final Opinion

Binoid THC-P Vape Cartridges really are taking the cannabinoid vaping community by storm.  Besides their durability, these THC-P carts maintain the flawless quality standards associated with the brand while providing hemp lovers with an entirely new cannabinoid experience.  A key tip when using a vape cart: Best to hold each hit for 5-10 seconds during use, as this can increase the effectiveness when vaping.  Bottom line, tetrahydrocannabiphorol is worth trying if you want a more potent hemp-derived high.  Plus, there is no better way to try it than with these phenomenally pure vape carts from a leading brand in the industry.