Atomic9 Vaporizer: Everything You Need to Know

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 25, 2022
Atomic9 Vaporizer Weed Online
Atomic9 Vaporizer Weed Online
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    Are you a flower enthusiast who is ready to move onto something a bit more discreet and travel-friendly?  Awesome!  You need to start vaping with a dry herb vaporizer.  While not all flower devices are created equally, some really do go above and beyond to ensure some bliss-inducing and gratifying vape sessions, all complete with minimal odor, lots of customizable features, and flavor that you’ve never experienced before from the terpenes in the plant material. 

    What Does the Atomic9 Vaporizer Have to Offer for Herbal Vapers?

    One of the vaporizers that’s gotten everyone talking right now is the Atomic9 by Cloudious9, which is a highly innovative vaping system that’s so compact and pocket-friendly, any vaper might mistakenly underestimate its impressive performance and stunning features.

    Dual Heating

    Cloudious9’s Atomic9 is one of the few vaporizer devices to utilize the best of both worlds:

    • Conduction heats the flower directly.
    • Convection passes heat through the material. 

    Combining these two together allows users to get powerful vapor hits, tons of bold flavor, and essentially zero waste, as it borrows the most desirable features of both heating styles.

    Six Adjustable Temperature Presets

    We all have a different sweet spot when it comes to temperature. 

    • Lower temps yield stronger flavor, smoother vapor, and less potency. 
    • Higher temps mean bigger clouds, more potency, and somewhat muted terpene taste. 

    Well, Atomic9 has made it easier than ever to find the right temperature for you with 6 easily adjusted temperature presets, ranging from 356 to 428 degrees so that high-temp, low-temp and medium-temp vapers can find precisely the output setting that gives them the clouds of their dreams.

    Mess-Free Loading

    Cloudious9’s Atomic9 cleverly features a retractable herb-loading shovel to finally make the act of loading the vaporizer chamber less time-consuming and messy.  We all know that loading too much can cause flower to spill everywhere, while the only alternative is adding tiny pinches at a time, which is tedious to say the least.  This shovel makes loading intuitive and allows you to save time without spilling your buds everywhere in the process.

    Compact and Lightweight

    Atomic9 is a phenomenally compact device that was made to be as travel-friendly as possible.  It’s handheld and lightweight, with neat ergonomic features that make it comfortable to handle, all while adding to its sophisticated aesthetics.  This means that you can grab your flower and your Atomic9 before you hit the road or head over to a friend’s house, without having to worry about any glass breaking or flower spilling out during transit.

    Reliable and Durable

    Cloudious9 wasn’t just designed to impress you with its fancy features.  It was designed to be the vaporizer that you can trust.  It’s extremely reliable when it comes to performance, using some of the finest chipset technology the dry herb market has seen.  And, its anodized aluminum exterior makes it highly resilient, so that should you accidentally drop it at some point, it’s likely not the end of the world.

    User-Friendly Single-Button Interface

    Just a single button controls the entire device, making it extremely user-friendly and perfect for both beginners and experienced vapers.  It turns the device on and off and adjusts the output settings with just about zero effort.

    Fast-Heating Technology

    The heat-up time of the Atomic9 is about 30-45 seconds, which is something that will please any vaper who knows how long it usually takes for a dry herb chamber to reach temperature.  Basically, it won’t take long at all to be able to start savoring those flavorful puffs of cannabinoid-rich vapor.

    How to Use the Atomic9 Vaporizer: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Now that you’re fully aware of the Atomic9’s power, features, and just overall performance, you might wanna know how to actually use this system for the first time.  We’re just saying.  As you’ll see, it’s actually extremely simple to operate, requiring only several steps to get started.

    Step #1: Remove the device from its box and plug it into your charging cable.  The battery is built into the device and takes about 2-2.5 hours to reach a full charge, which will be indicated by the LED light.  In the meantime, you can grind your flower.

    Step #2: Load your chamber.  To do so, use the shovel mechanism to neatly fill the chamber with flower, making sure not to pack it too tightly or else you’ll lose airflow and not be able to vape at all.

    Step #3: Use the single button on the device to turn it on, and then follow the user manual to adjust the output temperature using the same button.  We do recommend starting with the lowest temperature setting and working your way up incrementally, since this is the best way to find exactly the right setting for your needs.

    Step #4: Now, holding down the same button, put the mouthpiece to your lips and enjoy an awesome cloud of vapor. 

    Dropping Some Flower Power Bombs of Vapor!

    Overall, the Atomic9 Vaporizer from Cloudious9 is a powerful device that uses a unique dual heating method to really improve the quality of your vapor.  Whether you’re new to the flower game or just looking for a more reliable, high-performance, and customizable device, we really doubt that you’ll be disappointed.  Beyond that, it’s extremely easy to use and can be taken virtually anywhere, making it a must-have for anyone who craves the opportunity to enjoy fresh clouds throughout the day.