Industrial Hemp Farms Delta 8 Hemp Disposable Vape Pen Review

January 3, 2023
Review Vape Pen Hemp Farms
Review Vape Pen Hemp Farms

If delta 8 vapes are what you’re after, Industrial Hemp Farms has you covered.  Their Delta 8 Hemp Disposable Vape Pen offers a maintenance-free approach to experiencing the properties of the cannabinoid in a highly bioavailable way, while never requiring any charging of any kind and boasting technology superior to what most of today’s disposables can offer.  Made with some of the finest and purest delta 8 extract, and available in numerous strains, it’s got what it takes to satisfy the needs of one’s vaping sessions.

Nice Packaging

Honestly, we’re in love with the packaging for these disposables.  They look more sophisticated, high-tech and generally high in quality than a lot of what we’ve seen out there on the market.  The disposable device itself is very ergonomic, travel-friendly and visually appealing, which is a touch that goes a long way.  It comes in an airtight-sealed package that has all of the info you need about what’s inside.

Perfect Transparency

Industrial Hemp Farms has made a point to be extremely transparent with customers, which has a lot to do with their overall success.  With these disposables, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re getting some of the finest hemp out there, as the brand is committed to honesty and sharing with their customers how they produce their products.  You’ll know how the hemp was sourced, its ingredients and the specific hemp compounds in each device.


Contains a half gram of vape oil in the following strains:

  • Bubba Kush: Popular indica with notes of nuts, coffee and chocolate
  • Guava: A sativa-leaning hybrid with sweet notes of guava
  • Lemon Haze: Bold and lemony sativa strain
  • Mango: An indica known for its succulent mango taste
  • Runtz: A sought-after hybrid known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile

Battery Capacity, Juice Capacity, and Puff Count

Like most disposable vape devices out there:

  • Battery has a 240mAh capacity and depending on use should last 12-24 hours.
  • Cartridge contains one gram of pure Delta-8 Distillate.
  • Puff count will range from 120-150 depending on duration.

Overall Formula

Like any good vape oil formula, these disposables contain only pure hemp compounds with no additives, fillers or cutting agents.  This makes for an ultra-pure and bioavailable experience in which you’ll be giving your body nothing but the compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant.


The hemp extracts in these disposables have been thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory that is licensed with the state.  This testing process is how we can ensure that the brand sells only pure, top-quality and authentic hemp.  The lab reports can be accessed easily.

Flavor Profile

Each strain available has its own distinctive flavor profile, which we touched upon earlier.  That being said, each strain has a bold, fresh taste that indicates how well the terpenes were extracted, and how well the product has been stored to keep its compounds nice and active.

Type of Experience to Expect

Never used a disposable vape pen before?  Well, it is important to know that it’s just as effective as vape carts, except that it is designed differently to be far more user-friendly, which is saying something since carts are already very easy to use.  Disposables do not require any kind of preparation, as the battery comes fully charged and lasts through the last drop of e-liquid in the cartridge.  You can essentially use it straight out of the box and never have to make any adjustments or perform any kind of maintenance.

Right away, take notice how this disposable offers a great flavor, and also how that said strain’s effects are felt within minutes, usually lasting for up to an hour or two.  Those effects are relatively potent compared to other delivery methods, which is the case for all inhalable products.  The exact effects that you feel really depend on the strain that’s selected, so choose wisely!

Our Final Opinion

This Delta 8 Hemp Disposable Vape Pen is a great addition to the delta 8 market, offering one of the finest formulas and some of the best technology we’ve seen, which we’ve come to expect from Industrial Hemp Farms.  Select a strain and see why everyone is raving about this compact disposable device.