Industrial Hemp Farms Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls Review

January 2, 2023
Review Hemp Pre Rolls
Review Hemp Pre Rolls

Fans of delta 8 THC flower who simply don’t want to be bothered with the tedious process of grinding and rolling up their buds can treat themselves to Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls from Industrial Hemp Farms.  This premium hemp brand has grown in popularity over the years for their unique, top-quality products, and these pre-rolls are no exception, boasting only the cleanest organic hemp buds paired with the perfect amount of delta 8 distillate, all while offering convenience that’s unparalleled.  Check out the review of Industrial Hemp Farms Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls below:

Nice Packaging

Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls come in quality packaging that keeps the flower as fresh as can be in an airtight seal.  This way, you can know that your flower is going to be highly flavorful and potent, as it should be.  The packaging has clear labeling regarding its contents so that you know what’s inside without any question.

Perfect Transparency

Industrial Hemp Farms is a transparent company, using a seed-to-sale approach when advertising their products.  This gives customers a sense of trust, as they know exactly how each product was made.  The brand is straightforward about their hemp sourcing, ingredients and more, and offer their lab reports through their website.


With the pre-rolls, you can choose between 1 and 50 pieces, and select one of the following strains below:

  • LA Cheesecake: Indica-leaning hybrid with notes of cheese and citrus
  • Jack Frost: Powerful sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet n’ woodsy flavor
  • Frosted Lime: A sativa with notes of fresh lime
  • Sovereign Bubba: CBD-heavy strain with citrus, woods, and fuel in its flavor profile

Other Actives

As is the case with all delta-8 flower-based products, there are no added active ingredients, as flower is all about getting nothing but the pure, unadulterated compounds of the hemp plant without any additives of any kind.

Overall Formula

The formula for these pre-rolls is exactly how it should be – full of nothing but pure hemp.  Flower should never have any additives, and this flower is 100% clean and additive-free.  The wrap itself is completely plant-based to add to the overall cleanliness of the product.


The flower used in these pre-rolls has been thoroughly lab-tested by a third-party testing facility, which is a practice that the brand takes very seriously.  There, it’s analyzed for its breakdown of chemical compounds, its purity and other quality-based factors.  The lab reports are accessible.

Flavor Profile

When it comes to flavor, few delta 8 edibles have Koko Nuggz beat.  No matter which of the three flavors you choose, you can know that you’re getting some exquisite edibles that will captivate your palate.  We love that Koko Nuggz stand out in the edibles world, offering something seriously decadent for the sweet tooth as a great alternative to gummies.  The quality of ingredients is apparent as you taste nothing but delicious goodness from start to finish.

Type of Experience to Expect

Whenever you smoke delta 8 flower, you’re maximizing the bioavailability of the plant material to get a faster-acting and stronger experience.  How?  Because the compounds are far more stable as they haven’t been processed, combined with the fact that inhaling hemp is the most bioavailable method.  What this means is that these pre-rolls are great if you’re interested in bioavailability above all else.

Those exact effects users get to feel depend on the strain, which is why you should choose your strain wisely.  They are felt within minutes, which is quite nice, and the pre-roll burns evenly and slowly so that you can really savor every puff.  Now, 1 to 3 puffs is the standard amount, with a single puff being best for beginners due to the low tolerance they have for the psychoactive properties of the cannabinoid.  Overall, you will likely fall in love with these pre-rolls since they do all of the hard work for you while offering top-shelf flower.

Our Final Opinion

Industrial Hemp Farms Fortified Delta 8 Hemp Pre-Rolls are a great choice for flower fans who don’t want to deal with the tedious process of rolling their own.  The strain selection is awesome, boasting both widely sought-after and super rare strain options to enjoy.  No matter which strain you select, count on a premium delta 8 THC hemp experience that is sure to satisfy your needs.