Marley Natural Bong/Pipe Makes Smoking Flower Gnarly

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 27, 2022
Marley Natural Bongs Buy Online
Marley Natural Bongs Buy Online
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    We all reach a point in our cannabis smoking lives when we realize that it’s time to upgrade our piece.  Even with the finest buds in the world, our hits can only be so satisfying if we’re not rocking the best pipe or bong we can get our hands on.  Marley Natural smoking accessories bring about awareness, authenticity, and genuine respect for nature.  These guys have crafted some of the most exquisite premium pieces around, allowing us to get our smoke on in style, just like how “he” always wanted it to be.

    Which Marley Natural Bong/Pipe Will Have You Feeling Alright?

    Marley Natural’s Bongs and Pipes each come in different rad shapes, sizes, and designs.  Now this all sounds great and everything, but that’s not why you’re looking to chill out and feel a sensational high.  You are looking to find out which one gonna give you the gnarliest smoke of all?  Alright, we got you covered.

    Marley Natural Glass Walnut Spoon Pipe

    Sure, 100% blown glass, with all of its swirls of color, is a thing of beauty.  But, when you’re feeling a bit more sophisticated, only this here Natural Glass Walnut Spoon Pipe will do.  Trading in the groovy patterns for a refined-looking design, it’s the grownup bowl you’ve been waiting for.  Handblown borosilicate glass takes care of the flavor and heat resistance that you need for a successful smoke, with the gorgeous walnut wood offering a buttery texture for your hand to grab onto.

    This is for the mobile tokers out there, who like to travel with their trusty piece.  It comes apart easily so that you can pack it without worrying about it breaking in transit.  This, of course, also makes it easy to clean.

    Marley Natural Bubbler – Smoked Glass

    If big and crisp hits are what you’re all about, their Natural Bubbler – Smoked Glass is going to make your smoke-filled fantasies come true.  We can’t recall ever seeing such an elegant water pipe before, and this is the type of piece that’s going to make all of your friends green with envy.  The smoked glass looks downright luxurious, and just wait until you get the visual of the smoke passing through it!

    The borosilicate glass keeps this guy nice and sturdy, while the luxurious aesthetics really go above and beyond, with gold details including a lion emblem.  On the technological side of things, an 8-slit percolator perfectly filters your smoke to make it cooler, smoother and more flavorful, so that you can really savor that terpy taste that makes your heart skip a beat.  A built-in ash catcher keeps the whole smoking session as mess-free as possible, while the elongated mouthpiece is slim enough to concentrate the smoke for nice, potent puffs time and time again.  All the meanwhile, it’s surprisingly compact, and the kind of piece you’ll want to grab to bring to a buddy’s house.

    #3: Marley Natural Water Pipe – Smoked Glass

    Are beaker bongs more your vibe?  Cool, because this water pipe will put all other water pipes to shame.  Using the same smoked borosilicate glass and gold accents, it’s an aesthetic treat for the eyes, but of course its real skills come from its ability to turn your buds into silky smooth streams of flavorful, terpy smoke.  An extra-thick base combined with the common beaker shape makes this baby super sturdy so that if you get a little clumsy, you don’t have to worry about tipping it over by mistake.  This one’s for the smokers out there who want to take nice, big rips of glory, and crave cooler, smoother smoke. 

    An eight-slit percolator offers efficient filtration, while an ice disc gives you even more opportunity to cool that smoke down to your liking.  Other features include an enlarged expansion chamber and an angled collar pullout bowl.

    #4: Marley Natural Black Walnut Steamroller

    For the smoke-on-the-go kind of person, this Black Walnut Steamroller is your new favorite travel buddy.  The king of the one-hitter, the steamroller gives you nice, big and powerful hits while being one of the most compact pieces you’ll find.  You’ll be blown away by how hard this little guy works to give you potent smoke thanks to the straight channel and carb that’s located at the base rather than the side.  The smoke does a good job accumulating in the base chamber before making its way straight across to the mouthpiece, unfiltered for nothing but the highest concentration of compounds possible.

    The handheld piece is made from handblown borosilicate glass and a black walnut mouthpiece that instantly sets this piece apart from the rest in terms of luxury.  It’s the type of pipe you can throw into your bag before you go to toke at your friend’s house, and if you’re a camper, this is without a doubt the piece that you need in your collection.

    #5: Marley Natural Smoked Glass Spoon Pipe

    Who doesn’t love a glass spoon pipe?  This guy is portable, easy to maintain, easy to use and one of the most reliable pieces you’ll ever have in your collection.  We can’t get over the smoked glass and gold ribbon which set it apart from the other guys out there.  The extra-wide bowl isn’t just for looks – it lets you pack more bud at a time, which is handy if you prefer longer smoke sessions.  The smoke swirls around to cool down, while an ash-catch means no more ash ending up in your teeth.  You’ll want to take this with you everywhere, since throwing it into your pocket isn’t a problem. 

    #6: Marley Natural Smoked Glass Steamroller

    Once again, Marley Natural has given us the solution to our one-hitter needs, this time with a gorgeous steamroller in their signature smoked glass design, complete with the gold ribbon.  It’s the type of piece that has a high-end aesthetic to make you feel more sophisticated as you savor those nice, big hits of flavorful smoke.  The thumb-press bowl makes it easier than ever to pack just the right amount of bud, while this little guy gives you surprisingly big, potent puffs over and over again thanks to the straight channel design.  Don’t let that worry the more sensitive smokers out there, however – the hits remain super smooth thanks to the attention to detail that went into the craftsmanship.

    Yet again, it’s the perfect piece for someone who wants the least amount of effort when it comes to both smoking and maintaining, and it can be taken with you basically anywhere.

    From One-Hitters to Bongs, Let’s Get Together Because Marley Natural Has Got It All

    Marley Natural has really outdone themselves with some stunning pieces, with luxury design features such as black walnut and smoked glass.  And, if you’re a serious bud connoisseur, you’ll need to consider grabbing a few of these pipes/bongs since each type gives you a one-of-a-kind smoke with advanced design features that do wonders for each hit.  Whether you’re an adventurer looking for a travel-friendly one-hitter, or you’re looking to take huge rips for maximum impact, Marley Natural has got your needs covered.