Do’s and Don’ts of THC-Based Cannabinoid Vaping

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
February 1, 2022
Plus and Cones Cannabis Vape
Plus and Cones Cannabis Vape
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    Now that so many THC-based cannabinoids have recently emerged on the market, customers can basically customize their hemp-derived high based on which specific compound they decide to go with.  But, regardless of which cannabinoid you choose, whether it be delta 8, delta 10, THC-O, THC-V, THC-P, or HHC, it’s important to follow certain basic do’s and don’ts to ensure that you have an enjoyable and responsible experience. 

    #1: Do Read Up on Each Cannabinoid Beforehand

    Each cannabinoid is unique, and to assume that they all feel basically the same from one another because they’re all related to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) would be a mistake.  For instance, THC-V is very mild, while THC-P is 10 times stronger than delta 9 THC, give or take.  So, before jumping onto the first THC cannabinoid you see, instead do a little bit of reading to know what to expect with each one. 

    Any time you introduce a new cannabinoid into your routine, you should follow the recommended serving size on the package’s label.  Each cannabinoid can affect you quite differently and taking way too much of a cannabinoid you’ve never tried before can definitely be an issue if it turns out that you don’t like its effects.  Besides that, you may have a low tolerance to its intoxicating qualities, and that could cause you to feel uncomfortably high.

    #3: Don’t Be Impatient While You Wait for its Effects

    A common mistake people make when trying a new THC-based product is not waiting long enough for its effects to kick in, and then taking another dose.  Then, after some time has passed, all of the cannabinoid takes effect at once and they feel far more intoxicated than they planned to be.  Each delivery method has its own general onset time:

    • Inhalable products take minutes.
    • Edibles take up to 2 hours.
    • Tinctures can take up to an hour

    Be patient before taking more of the same product.

    #4: Do Pay Attention to the Product Type

    Each product type will affect you differently and therefore needs to be considered thoughtfully.  We showed above that the onset time will differ, but so will the duration of effects and potency of effects. 

    • Inhalable products can last for a couple of hours and feel quite potent.
    • Tinctures last for about 4-5 hours and feel moderately potent.
    • Edibles last for up to 8 hours and feel less potent cerebrally and cause a stronger body high.

    #5: Don’t Double Up on Products Until You’re Used to the Cannabinoid’s Effects

    We know how exciting it is that these cannabinoids come in so many different product types.  But still, only try one product at a time as a beginner.  For instance, if you’re trying delta 8, don’t vape a delta 8 cartridge, eat a delta 8 gummy and take a dropper of a delta 8 oil in one day if you’re new to the cannabinoid.  Get used to the cannabinoid’s effects with one product at a time.

    #6: Do Work Up the Cannabinoid Ladder One at a Time

    If you’re absolutely new to THC compounds, start with a mild one like delta 8 and work your way up to a more potent cannabinoid like THC-O or THC-P slowly.  This way, you’re gradually building your tolerance and never overwhelming yourself with a powerfully potent cannabinoid that you just might not be ready for.

    #7: Don’t Start with Dabs if You’re a Beginner

    Dabs refer to concentrates, which are designed to be incredibly powerful products that are vaporized at high temperatures.  Dabbing THC-O, for instance, will get you a lot higher than taking a THC-O tincture.  Whenever you try a new THC cannabinoid, you want to hold off on dabbing until you’ve developed a tolerance to its effects.  Otherwise, its high may feel overwhelming.

    #8: Don’t Drive After Taking Any THC-Based Cannabinoids

    As a rule of thumb, never drive when under the influence of any THC compound.  Driving while intoxicated is illegal, even if the cannabinoid itself is legal where you live.  Besides that, driving when intoxicated is very dangerous and must be completely avoided for the safety of you and other people on the road.

    #9: Do Be Mindful of the Strain

    If you’re going with a THC product that comes in different strains, such as flower or a vape, then consider each strain carefully.  The strain can greatly influence the high you feel along with the cannabinoid itself.  Indica strains are more mellowing and cause a stronger body high, sativa strains are more uplifting and cerebral, and hybrid strains offer somewhere between the two for a more balanced type of experience.

    Following These THC Guidelines will Lead to a Blissful Hemp Experience

    THC-based cannabinoids all have the potential to cause intoxication, but they’re all very different from one another and must be considered carefully based on your tolerance and preferences.  Besides that, there are some standard rules that apply to all of these cannabinoids regardless of the one that you end up picking, to ultimately guarantee the best experience possible for complete satisfaction.