Medical Marijuana can help with Anxiety

Marijuana is relaxing. Well, it should be, but if you’ve ever before smoked a little way too much or took an infused edible, you know that this can sometimes take the opposite turn.

Medical Marijuana, along with CBD, are used frequently in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, and in fact, anxiety is often one of the diagnoses allowed in states where medical marijuana is controlled for certain conditions.


The keypoint to remember is that high-THC may aggravate your condition, depending upon your sensitivity levels. If opting for a high-THC selection, be certain to pay close attention to your dosage. Nevertheless, high doses of CBD appear to help.


The human body, in all it’s glory, has this wonderful system in place called the endocannabinoid system. It’s goal is strictly to restore homeostasis, or balanace, both to the mind and body, as it relates to chemical and biological functioning. The receptors in the ECS bind to cannabinoids, either naturally occuring elements in our body through reactions, or externally added ones, such as through cannabis or CBD. So essentially we have a body that is designed to accept the workings of medical marijuana. Who knew?

Due to its function of bringing things back to their physical Goldilocks area, the ECS is often used when and where it is needed. As Dr. Vincenzo Di Marzo, Research Director at the Institute of Biomolecular Chemistry in Italy, explained it to us:

“With the ‘homeostatic effect of ECS’ we point out that this system of chemical signals is switched on for a short time if deviations from mobile homeostasis are observed. If such deviations are not physiological, the ECS efforts currently initiated, spatially and temporally selective, become homeostasis to restore the previous physical situation.”

Cannabis and Anxiety Summary

It is important to check with your doctor before adding new therapies to your regimen, especially when it comes to anxiety or depression. Do not stop taking any medications without the advice and consult of your healthcare professional. Medical Marijuana has been shown to be an effective contributor to relaxation, but selecting the right strain for your needs as well as your personal tolerance and sensitivities is crucial.



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