Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101

The Science Behind Cannabis

General information about CBD, THC, and other cannabis related topics.


safe for pets

Cannabis and CBD for Pets

Are Cannabis and CBD Safe for Pets?The explosion of cannabis and the…hemp plant2

Hemp vs Cannabis

If I asked you what the difference was between hemp and cannabis,…Picking a Strain: Sativa Indica Hybrid

Pick a Strain: Strain Type

Modern day cannabis offers users a variety of options and effects to…Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid Strains

Sativa vs Indica vs Hybrid Strains

Remember “reading about” those kids in high school who used weed to…

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CBD, CBD Flower, & CBG

how effective is cbg

How Effective is CBG?

As we continue to dive into the hemp plant, we’re finding more…Benefits of CBD

5 Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flower

You’ve heard of CBD (cannabadiol) and you’ve heard of Hemp, but have…coronavirus, covid-19, cv19

CBD & COVID-19 Coronavirus Symptoms

COVID-19 – can CBD help? People swear by CBD (cannabidiol) and believe…cbd

Can CBD get you high?

You will often hear that THC is the chemical that causes the…

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Hemp & Hemp Flower

Cannabis Products

FDA and Cannabis Derived Products

To date, the FDA has not approved a marketing application for cannabis…hemp flour

Hemp Flour or Hemp Flower?

You’ve probably heard of hemp, whether it’s from fabric uses, construction, or…hemp produt forms

CBD Hemp Flower, Hemp Pre-Rolls, Terpsolate

The world of hemp is as diverse as it is fascinating, and…

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THC (Delta 9)

thc facts

What is THC?

Chances are you’ve heard the term THC, and you have a good…THC vs THCA


Even if you’re not well versed in cannabis, it’s uses, and derivatives,…side effects

Side Effects of Marijuana

Is it a feature or a bug? When it comes to understanding…

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Delta-8 THC

Detla 8 for Skin Conditions

Delta 8 & Skin Conditions

How Well Can Delta 8 Work for Different Skin Conditions?  A lot…vape delta 8

How to Properly Vape with Delta 8 THC

As the delta 8 THC market continues to rapidly grow, it’s becoming…delta 8 and blood pressure

Can You Take Delta 8 if You Have High Blood Pressure?

With delta 8 THC becoming such a popular choice for those looking…delta 8 medication and prescription interactions

Delta 8 & Other Medications and Prescriptions

Will Taking Delta 8 Interfere with My Prescription Medications or Other Treatments?…

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