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THC-P vs. Other Cannabinoids

It really has been quite a year for the hemp industry, as 2021 has seen a dazzling number of “new” cannabinoids make their way onto the scene, all with their own distinctive effects and incredible uses.  Now, we have Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P), a cannabinoid already showing to have some pretty phenomenal effects that make it worth […]

Does CBD Help Pain?

Does CBD help pain? Since the 2018 Federal legalization of hemp derived products with low THC levels – CBD is now found everywhere and is touted to be a relieve of many symptoms such as anxiety, depression and sleep issues. In this article we deliver into the question “Does CBD help pain?”   The use […]


CBD and THC – what’s the difference? A comparison of CBD vs THC is like comparing apples and oranges – except they both come from the same tree. Confused? Hopefully you won’t be soon enough.   At the most basic level the difference is that while THC gets you high (it’s psychoactive) – CBD does […]

What are the Main Effects of CBN?

CBN – Cannabinol The effects of CBN: At this point, most of you have a good sense of the general effects of CBD as it’s become a hugely popular compound to take daily due to its properties relating to mood, pain and other common complaints.  Being the dominant compound in hemp, there is more cannabidiol […]

Does weed impair driving? How about CBD?

Do weed and CBD affect driving ability? One of the great concerns people have when taking any medication – is how it may impair them. So does weed impair driving. We will review the evidence. Given the public understanding of the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol – it is important that – […]

CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum, or Broad Spectrum?

You’ve done your research; you’ve decided that CBD is the way to go for your needs. But then you find out there are more options. Do you choose a CBD Isolate or a Full Spectrum? What about a Broad Spectrum? That depends on a few things. In this Article: First, a bit about CBD. Is […]

How Effective is CBG?

CBG – Cannabigerol How effective is CBG? As we continue to dive into the hemp plant, we’re finding more properties for compounds other than CBD, showing us that cannabidiol isn’t the only useful thing that hemp has to offer.  Cannabidiol is the compound that occurs in the highest levels in hemp, and as a cannabinoid, […]

Buy CBD oil and CBD Hemp Flower near you

Buy CBD oil and CBD Hemp Flower near you sells the highest quality CBD oil, CBD Hemp Flower and other CBD derived products all across the US. We ship to many cities using the US Postal Service – since CBD and CBD Hemp flower became legal in the 2018 Farm Bill. Buy CBD in […]

5 Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flower

You’ve heard of CBD (cannabadiol) and you’ve heard of Hemp, but have you heard the latest trend of consuming cbd and hemp flowers? And how do you consume them, do you eat them, smoke them, cook them, what?   First off, lets focus on the why. Potential Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flowers CBD is […]

CBD May Help with COVID-19 Symptoms

I’ve heard that CBD May Help with COVID-19 Symptoms, is this true? People swear by CBD (cannabidiol) and believe it can help in a whole slew of conditions beyond just sleep, pain and anxiety. In any case it’s important for your mental wellbeing, physical health and the strength of the immune system to get proper […]