Gelato 41: The Best Indica in the World?

Gelato 41 is one of the new strains to come out of California and is a cross between Blueberry and Lavender. As an indica, it offers consumers a full body high.

Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain

  About the Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain The Wedding Cake Cannabis Strain is an indica-leaning hybrid that gives it’s users a relaxing, happy sensation throughout their mind and body. It’s also known as Pink Cookies and is a variant of…

Purple Haze Cannabis Strain

Purple Haze Plant

About the Purple Haze Cannabis Strain You probably heard of this hybrid sativa-dominant strain from the Jimi Hendrix song that it was named after, but this hybrid Sativa leaning strain with a berry flavor appears to trace it’s roots back…

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

About the Chemdawg Cannabis Strain What do you get when you cross a dude named Chemdog, a bunch of seeds, and a Grateful Dead Concert? We don’t know either, because in that scenario we probably forgot the question, but urban…

Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain

Jet Fuel Plant

About the Jet Fuel Cannabis Strain When you hear the name you undoubtedly think about a rush of power and flying, but be prepared, it’s not an instant high. The Jet Fuel Strain takes a few moments, so be ready…

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