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5 CBD Recipes – Party Food

If you are planning to entertain some friends who happen to be fellow CBD enthusiasts, you are going to love our CBD Party Recipes which incorporate good old hemp into particularly fun and festive party foods.  These five recipes are great for parties big and small, and the CBD goes above and beyond to make […]

5 CBD Infused Recipes – quick snacks

There is nothing like a tasty snack that is both healthy and satisfying.  These CBD infused recipes below take those tasty snacks to a whole new level with the perfect dose of CBD oil to make your cbd-infused snacks.   CBD oil is commonly used as a tincture, but in fact, it can be ingested […]

5 Recipes for Desserts with CBD Flower

Who doesn’t love dessert? Now thing of being able to make delicious desserts with CBD Flower – There is nothing like a sweet baked treat when you need to lift your spirits or celebrate a festive occasion.  Here at, we are all about finding ways to incorporate the hemp plant into our favorite baked […]

5 Easy Dinners Infused with CBD Oil

Dinners infused with CBD sounds intriguing, offering a chance to incorporate relaxation after a busy day with your meal. We know that cooking on the weeknights can be a challenge for anyone with a busy schedule.  Making it healthy and easy is a whole other challenge.  But, rest assured, we are here to provide you […]

CBD Flower Recipes – main courses

Delicious CBD Dinner recipes Nothing says comfort food like a baked meal. What about baked dinners with CBD? It’s like a calming, relaxing hug in food form.   Some of the simplest weeknight dinners are the ones that are slipped into the oven, like casseroles, pasta dishes and roasts.  If you are a CBD enthusiast, […]

Hemp Flour or Hemp Flower?

Cooking with Hemp – Hemp Flour You’ve probably heard of hemp, whether it’s from fabric uses, construction, or even yes, related to marijuana. But you also may have heard of hemp flower. Or is it flour? Well, honestly, it’s both. Hemp flower is the plant. Hemp flour is a use of it. You can learn […]

Adding CBD to Pet Food

Benefits of adding CBD to your pets food With the massive adoption of CBD across the United States since the federal legalization of hemp and hemp derived products in 2018 under the Farm Bill – interest in CBD products for humans has skyrocketed. At the same time the touted benefits of CBD in humans such […]

Cooking with CBD

CBD preparations and gummy bears are probably already part of your holistic toolkit for dealing with cramps, stress and anxiety or sleep problems. Next, the use and enjoyment of the popular cannabinoid: incorporation into foods and drinks.   Fear of cooking with CBD is not only ironic but unnecessary. We’ll walk you through what you […]

Kids Eating Weed: Help, My Child Ate an Edible!

We all know instinctively that kids eating weed is a bad thing. It’s not something we ever do intentionally or encourage. With the increasing loosening of marijuana laws around the country, we need to be sure we pay attention to “adult edibles” the same way we do with teaching our children about adult beverages. But […]

Cooking with Hemp Seeds

Have you considered adding hulled hemp flower seeds, hemp seed protein powder, hemp seed oil, or even using hemp flour in your cooking? Cooking with Hemp is Safe In December 2018, the FDA finished its analysis of three normally acknowledged as safe (GRAS) notices for the complying with hemp seed-derived food ingredients: hulled hemp seed, […]