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Cannabis in Battle and War

How Was Cannabis Used in Battle and War? When we thing of the words war and weed, we think about the political war the world, lead by the US government lead against marijuana usage. We also think about feeling goofy, mellow, and sleepy not about raging into a battle in times of war. But the […]

The Cost of Weed Over Time

How Much Did Weed Cost Back Then Compared to Now? If you have an older family who smoked cannabis decades ago, you have likely asked them how much it used to cost back in the day.  We all know that feeling of jealousy when we learn just how inexpensive it was compared to now.  But […]

9 Historic Weed Fans

Some of the Most Famous Figures in History used Cannabis Yes, some of our favorite figures from the past can be considered historic weed fans. It is hard to imagine your average American founding father, British Royalty or even Saints lighting up a blunt and getting high.  But the reality is that cannabis has been […]

Bongs and Pipes Through the Ages

Tracing the history of cannabis across continents is interesting, but tracing the bongs and pipes through the ages is also interesting because it gives us a window into the different cultures and times. Cannabis has been around since the BC era, and there is enough evidence by now to show us that it was used […]

Brief History of Cannabis

We all know that weed has a colorful and also complicated history.  But many of us underestimate just how far back that complicated history dates.  The history of cannabis begins with it being a natural substance, it is obvious that marijuana has been part of culture for not just centuries, but thousands of years.  And, […]