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Adding CBD to Pet Food

Benefits of adding CBD to your pets food With the massive adoption of CBD across the United States since the federal legalization of hemp and hemp derived products in 2018 under the Farm Bill – interest in CBD products for humans has skyrocketed. At the same time the touted benefits of CBD in humans such […]

Kids Eating Weed: Help, My Child Ate an Edible!

We all know instinctively that kids eating weed is a bad thing. It’s not something we ever do intentionally or encourage. With the increasing loosening of marijuana laws around the country, we need to be sure we pay attention to “adult edibles” the same way we do with teaching our children about adult beverages. But […]

Is CBD Safe for Pets?

Do you have a dog with arthritis? Anxiety? We look to CBD and Cannabis as treatments to ease those conditions in ourselves, so it’s a natural question to ask: Is CBD Safe for Pets? What about Cannabis?   The explosion of cannabis and the massive increase in accessibility means that there are now not only CBD […]