Top 5 Jazz Musicians Who Used Weed

jazz and weed

Anyone who studies the colorful history of jazz knows that many of the most legendary musicians were no strangers to marijuana.  But do which know which Jazz Musicians who used weed? Jazz music began in New Orleans at the turn…

Top 5 80s Rock Bands That Used Weed

Rock music and weed

Culture and politics as they related to Marijuana and drugs overall changed in the 1980s, but there were still a great number of 80s rock bands that used weed. Musical trends tend to follow current events, political shifts and changing…

Top 5 70s Rock Bands That Used Weed

70s weed bands

Do you ever wonder what made the music of the 70s so unique? Was it the weed? What 70s rock bands that used weed? The 1970s was a period of creativity in the music world, with rock music splintering into…

Top 5 60s Rock Bands That Used Weed

60s weed bands

As most of you know who studied history in high school and college, the 1960s were a tumultuous time in American history, with rapidly changing attitudes toward societal issues, combined with era-defining events that included a presidential assassination and a…

Weed in Music: a Creative Partnership

Weed & Music: a Creative Partnership

How Has Weed Brought Out So Much Creativity in the World of Music? Throughout history, art and marijuana have been used side by side as the most creative people the world has ever seen.  Many of us know that a…

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