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A Deeper Insight into the CBDA/CBGA COVID Study

We have known for years that cannabinoids can offer a lot of valuable properties beyond the intoxicating qualities that we associate with certain ones such as THC.  Study after study has shown that these hemp-derived compounds, like CBD, CBN, CBG and CBC, can all provide powerful effects to the body that affect how each system […]

Why So Many Weed Strains?

So many weed strains Anyone who walks into a dispensary today is dazzled by the enormous selection of strain varieties that are available to them and only ask – WHY SO MANY WEED STRAINS??   Once upon a time, decades ago when cannabis was strictly a black-market industry, enthusiasts could not be choosy when it […]

8 Ways Cannabis Technology has Improved

How Has Cannabis Technology Improved? Cannabis has been around since the BC era, and archaeologists continue to learn more about how it has been used throughout ancient history.  Once upon a time, cannabis was cultivated using primitive techniques, with unpredictable strains cropping up that were smoked in a pipe made from clay, stone, or early […]

Growing Cannabis – New advances

You have likely heard from someone older in your life that cannabis has become so potent and advanced, it is unrecognizable from the stuff they used to get back in the day.  Well, believe it or not, they are absolutely right.  Over the decades, the way in which strains are crossed, plants are grown and […]

What is FDA Role in Cannabis Research?

The FDA Role in Cannabis Research is the same as it is with any other product used as a medication or therapeutic agent, including any products from plants including cannabis research. Researchers need to collaborate with the FDA and submit an IND application to the Center for Drug Evaluation and also Research (CDER). The standard […]

Cannabis in Cosmetics

There are companies that promote and sell products, including those touting cannabis in cosmetics. In general, it’s important to note that the FDA does not get involved in the approval process of commerce related to cosmetics or food and dietary supplements. The only exception is when these products suggest health benefits. That’s when the FDA […]

Cannabis in Dietary Supplements

Lately you may be hearing of weed being added to almost all types of products, but have you wondered about Cannabis in Dietary Supplements? Can THC or CBD products be sold as dietary supplements? No. Based on readily available proof, FDA has actually concluded that THC and also CBD products are omitted from the dietary […]

Cannabis and the Right to Try Act

With so many conditions and medical applications, what is the link between Cannabis and the Right to Try Act? As with so many other instances, the answer is complicated. What is The Right to Try Act? The Right to Try Act was made to established to offer accessibility to investigational drugs directly from the companies […]

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