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CMH Grow Light Test And Review – Best Ceramic Metal Halide 315W

This content was originally published on Ceramic Metal Halid or CMH is the new buzzword in the indoor garden lighting industry in 2018. CMH grow lights are amazing for veg and some people are even starting to flower with them. We went to the Indo Expo Garden Trade Show in Denver on Janury 27, […]

Is Buying LED Grow Lights Worth The Cost?

This content was originally published on Buying LED grow lights can be an expensive initial cost and many growers are concerned that they will never see the return. When you are thinking about growing plants indoors, you have to consider several things, most importantly is probably the lighting. Whether you are moving plants to […]

Differences in Indoor Grow Lights

This content was originally published on As the trend continues to grow towards indoor hydroponic gardening, an ongoing conversation about which indoor grow lights are the best and which ones are the worst is up for debate. To discover which indoor lighting type works best for you, start by learning which types are available […]

What are HID Grow Lights?

This content was originally published on HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. High Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) are two types of HID bulbs that are good for indoor growing. MH bulbs produce light in the blue spectrum. This light is better for plant growth during the vegetative stage as it promotes […]

HID vs LED Grow Lights

This content was originally published on When it comes to growing plants indoors, there are two major competitors in the world of grow lights. Light Emitting Diode lights, or LED’s, and High-Intensity Discharge lamps, or HIDs. The big question is which one is better and which one will offer the biggest benefits to your […]

Growing Vegetables Indoors with HPS Lighting

This content was originally published on There are a few things plants must have in order to grow, water, oxygen and light are three of those must-have essentials. Growing vegetables indoors presents a challenge on how to deliver the optimum amount of light to growing plants without causing the utility bill to skyrocket, thus […]