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Can You Grow Cloned Hydro to Dirt? What is Hydro Clone?

This content was originally published on Are you looking for a way to grow clone hydro indoors? If so, this article provides an easy solution. A lot of people are interested in how to grow clones hydro and the best way is by using dirt. This article will provide a step by step process […]

Clone Vs Seeds: What Grows The Best Weed and Why?

This content was originally published on The debate has been going on for decades. “What is the best way to grow weed?” Is it to clone your favorite strain of cannabis, or by planting seeds? This article will explore the benefits and drawbacks of each option so that you can decide which one might […]

How to Start Hydro Clones: Everything You Need To Know About Growing Hydro Clones

This content was originally published on Hydro clones are a great way to start your garden. Many people consider this the best way to grow marijuana because it’s easy, hassle-free and safe. You can easily start one in your kitchen using just a few items you probably already have on hand. If you’re still […]

Five Best Ways To Germinate Seeds

This content was originally published on Starting a garden from seed? Well get ready for an education in germination. These are the five best ways to germinate your seeds and a few tips on how to plant your seeds once they’ve rooted. Luckily, germinating seeds successfully doesn’t take a science degree. But it will […]

Cloning Plants with a Cloning Machine

This content was originally published on Cloning plants may sound like a very complicated, scientific project, but it’s actually quite easy. Weather you want to stay more traditional and use rockwool cubes or invest in a cloning machine, any home gardener can clone a mature tomato plant and fill your indoor garden. Once you […]

Growing Indoor Plants with Fluorescent Lighting

This content was originally published on An inconsistent light source will ruin any crop. When growing starting from seed it is very important that the seedling gets as much light as possible. Growing inside with fluorescent grow lights provides the perfect amount of light for seedlings and plants in veg. Fluorescent grow lights have […]