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Root Rot Treatment

This content was originally published on The roots are the heart of the plant, pulling the nutrients from either the soil or your nutrient solution and conveying them to the rest of the plant. Root problems are often the most common reason that a plant in an indoor garden doesn’t produce. Root Rot in […]

Powdery Mildew and Mold Problems

This content was originally published on Powdery Mildew and Mold are two things you never want to see turn up in your garden. Indoor gardens rely very heavily on contained moisture and regulated humidity. This moist environment can easily become a breeding ground for molds and mildews. Not only can these molds and mildews […]

Garden Pests

This content was originally published on There’s nothing worse than picking a fresh ripe tomato only to find that a tomato hornworm has already chewed on it, making it inedible. Pests are the enemy of the garden, and indoor gardens are no different. While you may not find hornworms in your tomatoes, indoor gardens […]

Plant Nutrient Deficiency

This content was originally published on The balance of nutrients in the planting solution is essential to a healthy and productive garden, and a lack of one or more of the vital nutrients can cause stunted growth, poor production, or in the worst case, can even kill your plants. When a plant isn’t getting […]

Common Plant Diseases, Deficiencies and Infections

This content was originally published on Here at Green Envy we are constantly getting asked to diagnose common plant diseases as well as suggest products for solutions. As owner of Green Envy Supply and personal indoor gardening enthusiast I have learned a few things about the problems you’ll encounter throughout the year in your […]

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