Is Cannabis Legal in my state

Is Weed Legal in My State?

Legality of cannabis per state

With laws being different from state to state – and with laws changing and people moving, the question “Is weed legal in my state?” is a common one. Here we cover all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Weed Legality per…

Delta 8 in California

delta 8 in california

Can I Get Delta 8 in California? Those who live in California are no strangers to cannabis, as the state has one of the most liberal policies regarding marijuana in the country.  But there’s another plant belonging to the cannabis…

Hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill

us law

How Hemp and the 2018 Farm Bill effects FDA-regulated items The 2018 Farm Bill explicitly preserved FDA’s authority to regulate products including cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds under the FD&C Act as well as section 351 of the Public Health Service…

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