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How Might Delta 8 THC Effect Someone’s Mood?

All of us have moods that can shift during the day.  We wake up feeling happy and optimistic about the day ahead, but then we get stuck in traffic on the way to work and rage and aggravation take over.  Something that many of us take for granted is the fact that our mood is […]

Can weed help PTSD?

Cannabis for PTSD? If you or a loved one are suffering from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and you have done some research it would be normal to ask “Can weed help PTSD?” If you google something around PTSD treatments or look at boards online you will hear time and time again how cannabis has helped […]

Understanding Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders – what you should know With the increase awareness and legalization of of medical marijuana in a number of states, it’s important to fully understand some of the disorders that it is used to treat. A common approved use of medical marijuana is for anxiety and anxiety disorders. We all THINK we know […]

Understanding Delta-8 THC

You’ve probably heard about THC and may know it as the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for getting people “high” or, as it is colloquially known, “stoned”. Even though most of that effect is due to delta-9 THC, there exists in cannabis another compound, known as delta-8 THC, a different psychoactive cannabinoid with its own […]

Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil

Popular Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil CBD oil, is a popular natural remedy that is often suggested for use in common ailments. The main active ingredient is CBD also known as cannabidiol – though CBD is available in many other forms such as CBD flower, gummies, capsules, vapes etc.   Cannabinoids, which are more […]

Can CBD Help Depression?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural substance that has actually become more attractive lately, thanks in part to a growing number of research on its potential health benefits, which could include dealing with the question: Can CBD help depression?   Preliminary results of some research studies on CBD and anxiety look appealing, suggesting CBD may […]

Using Marijuana for Anxiety – Good or Bad?

In most states where Medical Marijuana is legal, one of the most frequent questions surroundings using marijuana for anxiety. Most states do list Anxiety as one of the approved uses of medical marijuana, but it’s still an individual question to determine if it’s the right approach for you. Anxiety and Cannabis On a worldwide basis […]

Anxiety Medication and Marijuana

Are there interactions or contraindications with Anxiety Medication and Marijuana? With both anxiety and cannabis being very common in the US and indeed with many users of medical marijuana or recreational weed are using it for treatment of stress and anxiety. As such the potential for drug interactions are high as many of these same […]

Finding the Right Dose of Weed for Anxiety

Cannabis can both calm or intensify anxiety based on the dose. That’s why it’s critical to understand your own needs and reactions to determine finding the right dose of weed for anxiety. Understanding how cannabis works with anxiety requires a closer look at the organic system marijuana mainly connects with: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The […]

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