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Parkinson’s Disease and Marijuana

Parkinson’s Disease and Marijuana With approximately a million individuals living with Parkinson’s and 60,000 people being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease annually in the US it is a big problem causing problems for the patients, their caretakers and loved ones. It is a disease more common in the elderly and with an aging population worldwide this […]

Can weed help headaches?

Headaches are incredibly common with almost everybody having experienced head pain and many people are wondering can weed help with headaches. Cannabis is commonly used for pain control and has indeed been used for thousands of years. More recently we have scientists asking “Can weed help headaches?”   There are a wide range of types […]

Delta 8 for Seniors

Is Choosing Delta 8 for Seniors a better option? We’re seeing a growing market for delta 8 THC, which is yet another cannabinoid from the hemp plant that’s being studied for its unique effects on the body.  We know that CBD has a lot to offer to those dealing with a wide range of complaints, […]

Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration

Is it true that Delta 8 THC May Help with Focus and Concentration? Everyone’s talking about delta 8 THC, which is the latest and greatest cannabinoid to be isolated out of the hemp plant.  Delta 8 THC has a lot in common with delta 9 THC and behaves similarly to CBD in terms of how […]

Understanding Delta-8 THC

You’ve probably heard about THC and may know it as the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for getting people “high” or, as it is colloquially known, “stoned”. Even though most of that effect is due to delta-9 THC, there exists in cannabis another compound, known as delta-8 THC, a different psychoactive cannabinoid with its own […]

CBD and Cannabis in Treating Dementia

How effective is CBD or other forms of Cannabis  in treating dementia? There have actually been no clinical tests on the effects of marijuana or CBD oil in people dealing with mental deterioration and dementia. In the lab A crucial characteristic of Alzheimer’s condition is the accumulate of globs of a protein, called amyloid, in […]

Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil

Popular Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil CBD oil, is a popular natural remedy that is often suggested for use in common ailments. The main active ingredient is CBD also known as cannabidiol – though CBD is available in many other forms such as CBD flower, gummies, capsules, vapes etc.   Cannabinoids, which are more […]

Marijuana Offers Help for Epilepsy, Seizure Disorders

Doctors and patients have found that using marijuana offers help for epilepsy, seizure disorders, and other neurological conditions, and while this has been studied for a many years it’s not without controversy. Early evidence from lab studies, anecdotal reports, and little clinical research studies over a number of years recommend that cannabidiol (CBD) could potentially […]

Can Cannabis Help Muscle Spasms?

In this article we review the question, “Can cannabis help muscle spasms?”. Muscle spasms affect just about everybody, from foot cramps and midnight “charley horses” to strained and pulled muscles. Particular disorders and diseases also trigger muscle convulsions. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) can all cause clients to experience muscle spasms that […]

Medical Marijuana Eases MS Related Muscle Spasms

How Medical Marijuana Eases MS Related Muscle Spasms (Multiple Sclerosis) Medical marijuana is a reliable treatment approach for muscle spasms brought on by Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an immune-mediated disease. If you’re not familiar with MS, it’s an incapacitating and in some cases deadly condition of the main nervous system and is the most typical devastating […]

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