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Can Taking Any Type of THC-Based Cannabinoid Affect My Sobriety?

Many people have worked very hard to maintain their sobriety, and we commend them for it!  That being said, with all of the new hemp-based products emerging on the market, it can leave our sober friends feeling quite confused.  We know that marijuana is federally illegal due to its high THC status that makes the […]

CBD for Opioid Addiction and Withdrawal

CBD for Opioid Addiction and Withdrawal With opioid related deaths being at epidemic levels – with almost 50,000  deaths annually it is a huge problem which is not being adequately addressed. Currently the standard treatments are mainly agonist treatments which are themselves addictive and as such many suffering from opioid addiction are reluctant to try […]

Is Marijuana addictive?

Can weed be addictive? A big concern when taking any new medication is if it’s addictive and causing dependency. Patients using medical or recreational marijuana for disabling and chronic conditions, may rightly be concerned about risks and side-effects of cannabis, and want to know: is marijuana addictive? The answer is that – yes – in […]

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