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Medical Marijuana

Out of all the symptoms I see in my practice, sleep problems are among the most important; they affect every aspect of a patient’s life. If someone doesn’t sleep well, all their other problems will worsen. So sleep is often the first symptom that I concentrate on, not only because it’s usually the easiest one […]

Can Delta 8 THC help sleep?

Did you know that most adults experience some sort of occasional poor sleep?  Why? Usually because of stress that’s preventing them from thoroughly relaxing at bedtime.  However, sleep disturbances can lead to greater consequences as we age, as our bodies require a certain amount of restorative sleep to function properly the next day.   Less-than-ideal […]

What are the Main Effects of CBN?

CBN – Cannabinol The effects of CBN: At this point, most of you have a good sense of the general effects of CBD as it’s become a hugely popular compound to take daily due to its properties relating to mood, pain and other common complaints.  Being the dominant compound in hemp, there is more cannabidiol […]

Delta 8 THC and Sleeping Disorders

Could Delta 8 Be the Next Answer for Certain Sleeping Disorders? Delta 8 THC and Sleeping Disorders About 1 in 4 Americans report disturbed sleep on a semi-frequent basis, and a large number of those Americans find themselves relying on prescription drugs during particularly sleepless nights.  But, over the last few years, we’ve been finding […]

Choose the Right Cannabis Strain for Insomnia

Medical Marijuana for Sleep Disorders: Choose the Right Cannabis Strain for Insomnia Which Strain is best, Indica vs. sativa vs. hybrid If you’ve spoken with your medical professional, and they’ve approved the use of marijuana to treat your insomnia, it’s time to select a strain that works for your specific needs and habits. Think about […]

Can weed help you sleep?

Cannabis and sleep Sleep problems such as insomnia are very common and now we know more than ever that good sleep is a vital for preserving our psychological and physical health – and so people are asking – can weed help you sleep?   Poor sleep – including trouble falling asleep, staying asleep and not […]

Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil

Popular Uses and Benefits of CBD Oil CBD oil, is a popular natural remedy that is often suggested for use in common ailments. The main active ingredient is CBD also known as cannabidiol – though CBD is available in many other forms such as CBD flower, gummies, capsules, vapes etc.   Cannabinoids, which are more […]

Should you try marijuana for trouble sleeping?

Weed for sleep? The use of marijuana for trouble sleeping is one of the more common reasons.   With over 100 cannabinoids weed has many potential chemicals some of which may have more or less sleep inducing properties. That said one of the classic side effects of marijuana is well known to be drowsiness and […]

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