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Chemdawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Strain

chemdawg cbd hemp flower strainAbout the Chemdawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Strain

This is the high CBD version of the cannabis strain of the same name, and is sometimes referred to as OG Chem, Chem OG, and Chemdog OG. This version of the strain has been specifically bred to have low THC, while remaining a sativa-dominant strain.

It mixes the smells of several OG strains, combining pine and gassy scents for an overall skunky aroma.


  • Type: Hybrid
  • Indica:Sativa : ~30:70
  • THC: 0.25%
  • CBD: 23.82%
  • CBG: 0.1%
  • CBN: 0.1%
  • Terpenes:
    • Caryophyllene
    • Myrcene
    • Pinene

chemdawg cbd hemp flower strain chart

Chemdawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Strain and the Senses


Hops, Cinnamon, Pine, Wood, Chamomile

With the name starting whith CHEM you can be sure there’s a certain aroma and taste of chemical in it, in this case a gassy, diesel taste. But it’s offset a bit with the other flavors it’s filled with, including the tell tale earthy, musk mixed with pine, a hint of hops and cinnamon round it out. It’s a smooth flavor when inhaled with a hint of sourness to it, but then it hits you with the twang of skunk with the smoke.

chemdawg og cbd hemp flower


It’s an interesting, even pretty strain with a mixture of colors and textures. This strain has a mix of lime green and purple in the buds with the green leaves covered in the sticky glistening of the trichomes. The mix of the looseness and stickiness make it difficult to handle and break up so you’ll likely need a grinder if you’re going to break it up youself.

Chemdawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Strain Uses

This is a pretty gentle and easy going strain that helps “take the edge off”, so to speak. It gives you a bit of energy and heightens your senses to help you be more present in the moment and aware of your surroundings. It also is very relaxing an helps melt away the tensions and stresses of the day, both in the mind and the body. This means it can help with:

  • Decrease in social anxiety
  • Relief from depression
  • Mood Enhancement
  • Relaxation
  • Decrease fatigue
  • Reduction in generalize pain

Chemdawg OG CBD Hemp Flower Effect

Customers may experience a sharpening of the senses and an increased hyper-awareness of their surroundings. This daytime strain becomes more productively cerebral and introspective in the right setting. Chem Dawg has been described as a very social strain, great for conversation with friends while being relaxed without any couch lock. Its ability to amplify sensory experiences also makes it particularly good for creative endeavors.

This a favorite of recreational users as well as sought after by therapeutic users because it’s a light, relaxing strain that is good in a social setting. It increases energy for the mind and body, making you more aware of your surroundings and allows you to be more engaged with your environment. This often leads to introspection or deep creativity, in a relaxed setting that doesn’t give you the tell-tale couch lock.

It’s an energetic strain so it will uplift you, so it’s best used when you want to be awake, and not so much near bedtime.

  • Uplifting
  • Happy
  • Increased awareness
  • Heightened senses
  • Creative
  • Socially engaging

Possible Side Effects

There are the standard list of side effects for any cannabis product, which can be managed by staying hydrated. This is an easy, gentle strain so you should only be concerned about other side effects if you are particularly sensitive or unfamiliar with the products. It’s a good novice product as well.

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes


The Chemdawg OG strain smells a little ripe, but it’s worth getting used to. This gentle easy going strain is just the right balance of helping increases your awareness and senses while decreasing anxieties and stresses, to give you a mindful, aware, mildly energized relaxation.


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