Since 2015 Koi CBD has been an innovator in the CBD industry . Koi CBD is based out of Southern California its four founders created Koi CBD in 2015 to set the standard of quality for cannabinoids. Long before the hype, they recognized the opportunities hemp-derived compounds offered people looking for balance, stress release, and wellness. Using the expertise they had acquired working in the vape industry, they started with a line of CBD-infused vape oils, a cutting-edge idea at the time, before expanding Koi’s catalog of Edibles , Tinctures , Topicals and Flower & Pre-Rolls. Koi has also expanded their CBD line to include Cannabinoids like Delta 8 , Delta 9 , Delta 10 ,HHC, THC-O , THC-P and THC- V . You can always expect the tastiest of flavors and terpenes with Koi as taste is Big Deal for them . Waste no time and shop Weed.com’s offerings of Koi CBD products below. Also, we offer to check popular koi delta 8 thc vape cart review.