Understanding CBD Hemp Flower

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
October 23, 2020
Hemp Products Forms
Hemp Products Forms

The world of hemp is as diverse as it is fascinating, and now more than ever, people are experimenting with different ways to experience what these amazing compounds are capable of.  Gone are the days when enthusiasts could only choose between a handful of hemp products like tinctures, gummies and vapes.  Nowadays, thanks to huge leaps in technology and innovation, the hemp market offers a huge variety of products that allow us to explore different compounds, concentrations, and delivery methods like never before.


Of course, with all of these new types of products comes a learning curve, especially among those with less overall cannabis experience.  Products like CBD Hemp flower, CBD terpsolate, and CBD concentrates can baffle those who still don’t quite understand exactly how the compounds in hemp work.  But we’re here to help.  We’re going to break down what these products are and how to use them in order to experience the best anxiety, sleep insomnia and pain relief. 


Also, we will take a deeper dive into the world of hemp strains, as the products that we’ll be describing all boast a unique ability to explore unique strains to get different results.

Understanding Terpenes and Strains

First, let’s discuss strains.  Like we said, one thing that makes the products listed below unique is that they come in a wide variety of strains, which is something we don’t see as much when checking out more conventional CBD products like topicals, tinctures and vape oils.  

So, What Exactly is a Strain?  

A strain is another term for a breed of the cannabis plant.  Just like there are many breeds of the canine species, each with unique characteristics, there are many strains of the hemp species.  The strain is determined by the unique chemical composition found within the flowering buds of the female plant, which is the part of the plant material that we use to produce all of the hemp products we use for wellness purposes. [Source]


The main determining factor of a particular strain is its terpene composition.  Terpenes usually take a backseat to cannabinoids, which include CBD and THC, because cannabinoids are the major players in cannabis, in that they are largely responsible for the effects that set cannabis apart from other natural goods.  Terpenes are, in fact, present in all plants.  But, in cannabis, the variety of terpenes is extensive, and each terpene offers a unique property to the body.


We do want to point out that the cannabinoid composition also influences a strain.  In fact, now more than ever, strains are being bred intentionally to yield higher levels of particular cannabinoids, such as CBG, CBN and CBC.


There are three categories of strains: indica, sativa and hybrid.  

  • Indica: Have a higher myrcene level, which is a terpene known for its calming effects.  This is mainly why indica strains are commonly used in the evening – their relaxing effects are ideal for times of day when we don’t have much to do.  Indica strains may calm us down to the point of aiding in a more restful sleep.  They tend to also relax the muscles in the body, which is why most of us like to lay down after taking them.
  • Sativa: Associated with opposite effects.  They typically have a more energizing influence on the mind and body, making them great for daytime use.  Sativa strains also seem to be great for social settings as they can keep us alert and focused.
  • Hybrid: The result of crossing sativa and an Indica.  The sativa to indica ratio can differ a great deal, but what all hybrid strains have in common is that they offer a little bit of the effects of both sativas and Indicas.  


What this all means is that the strain that you choose can play a major role in the effects that you experience.  Those who are seeking out specific effects can benefit from being more particular about the strains that they choose.  For instance, many hemp users find that a particular strain is far more suitable than others at helping them manage stress after a long day.  Other strains may be more geared toward those dealing with pain due to high levels of terpenes that may offer anti-inflammatory properties.

Now that you know how strains work, we can dive into the most popular hemp products that are known for offering a generous variety of individual strains.

CBD Flower

CBD flower is the most natural hemp product there is.  It’s simply the flowering buds of the hemp plant, which have been picked and cured through natural means.  This is the raw, pure hemp flower that has been unadulterated in any way.  And, you can find hundreds of strains to suit your more individual preferences.

CBD flower comes in the form of buds that are either left whole, broken up or ground up.  The product will give you the full chemical composition of the hemp flower as it exists in nature.

How to Take CBD Flower

There are three common ways to use CBD flower.  

  • Vaporization: Requires a specialized vaping device made just for flower.  The broken-up flower goes into the chamber, which is then heated by the battery in order to produce vapor using either convection or conduction.
  • Smoking: This is the oldest means for consuming cannabis.  It involves one of two methods: Putting the hemp flower buds into the bowl of a pipe, which is then lit to produce smoke, or rolling it in a paper.
  • Cooking: Requires that you first cook the flower in some type of culinary fat, so that the fat becomes infused with the compounds.  From there, you build a recipe around this fat in order to end up with a batch of edibles.

CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD pre-rolls are simply the raw flower buds that have already been rolled into a paper for your convenience.  The size differs depending on the manufacturer, which pertains to how much actual CBD flower is in each pre-roll.  They can look like standard filtered cigarettes or take on a much more rustic form.

How to Use CBD Pre-Rolls

CBD pre-rolls are extremely user-friendly.  All that you need to do is light one end and smoke it as you would a cigarette.  Some go through a whole pre-roll in one session, while others like to take a few puffs, put it out and come back to it later.

CBD Concentrates

Also referred to as “dabs”.  Shatter, wax, resin, rosin, and hash are all considered concentrates, and they are simply extremely concentrated forms of hemp flower extract.

How to Take CBD Concentrates

You can either smoke or vape concentrates.  To smoke them, you need a dab rig, which is a specialized type of pipe that can handle the unique concentration and consistency of a concentrate.  To vape a concentrate, you need a special vaping device made specifically for this type of product.

Final Thoughts

More people are discovering that they can better reach their wellness goals when they explore the full variety of hemp goods that are on the market, rather than settling for one type of product indefinitely.  That being said, we recommend checking out the newest generation of hemp-infused goods like the ones described above.  You just may find that these highly advanced products offer exactly what it is that you’ve been looking for from mother nature.