Where Can I Buy Delta 8 THC?

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
October 31, 2020
Buy Weed Delta 8 thc
Buy Weed Delta 8 thc

Buy Delta 8 THC

More and more people are showing an interest in trying delta 8 THC, given its unique effects that make it quite different from CBD and other hemp compounds that so many of us are used to.  Given the new rise in delta 8 popularity, it’s only natural that a lot of people are asking where they can find the highest-quality goods out there.


Anyone familiar with hemp knows that not all products in this market are created equally.  That’s why one must be very discerning when it comes to buying hemp goods.  This is even more so the case with delta 8, as it’s a newer industry which means there’s a “wild west” aspect to its market.


Not all companies are dedicated to producing the highest-quality delta 8 possible, and considering the fact that extracting delta 8 is a more complicated process than extracting CBD, you want to know for sure how the product you wish to buy was made.


First, before we discuss where to buy delta-8, we need to explain what it is and how it works.  From there, you’ll be able to grasp why it’s so important to choose your delta 8 wisely.

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is, in essence, delta 9 that has been degraded due to the natural aging process.  In the hemp plant, there’s about 20% CBD, give or take.  Then, there’s about 0.3% delta 9 THC that naturally occurs in the plant material.  As most know, this THC level is simply too low to make hemp psychoactive.


Delta-8 occurs in hemp in even lower amounts – about 0.1%.  Therefore, taking the whole hemp plant, either in the form of CBD flower or full spectrum hemp, will not give you the ability to experience the effects of delta 8.  But, when delta 8 is isolated, we can discover its properties in a potent way.


Delta 8 is a psychoactive compound.  But it’s not as psychoactive as delta 9.  Most compare it to feeling calm and uplifted without the feelings of nervousness that often occur among those who aren’t as tolerant of delta 9.


Of course, being a cannabinoid, delta 8 is not just about its psychoactive properties.  Researchers are currently testing its various effects on wellbeing, as it may play a role in regulating mood, inflammation and more thanks to the manner in which it binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body.


Producing delta 8 isolate is a process that is easier said than done.  Because the amount of it is so low in hemp, it’s incredibly hard to extract it and isolate it through traditional means.  What more and more companies are doing is taking advantage of the fact that delta 8 is an isomer of CBD.  Isomers are compounds that are identical in terms of their atomic makeup, but the atoms are arranged in different ways.  Many manufacturers are taking CBD compounds and rearranging them atomically to turn CBD into delta 8.

What Forms Does Delta 8 THC Come in?

Delta 8 products come in basically the same forms that CBD products come in.  Delta 8 vapes are easily the most popular, offering e-liquid cartridges containing a delta 8 isolate.  But gummies, tinctures and other goods are also available.  A new trend that is slowly emerging is delta 8 flower, which is CBD flower infused with delta 8 isolate extract.

It’s not surprising that the first question asked about delta 8 relates to its legality.  After all, it seems that a psychoactive cannabis compound would automatically be illegal.  But, surprisingly, that’s not quite the case.  The 2018 Farm Bill determined that hemp products could be sold legally as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% delta 9 THC.  The federal law clearly states that all other cannabinoids are perfectly lawful.  And, delta 8 falls into that category.


But there are some things you should know before buying up delta 8.  One is that delta 8 may result in a failed drug test due to its similarity to delta 9, molecularly speaking.  Secondly, some states have outlawed delta 8.  This is why you should check with your state’s laws prior to buying it.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 THC?

Now, let’s talk about purchasing delta 8 THC.  It’s important to know where it’s available, and which places are more likely to sell delta 8 that’s legitimate, safe and legal, not to mention potent enough to deliver the desired results.

Vape Distributors

Many vape companies online now offer delta 8 products, as delta 8 cartridges are technically vaping products.  These distributors sell products from trusted companies and have standards when it comes to the quality of products that they are willing to stock.  Therefore, this is a decent option.  Still, not all people who manage vape distribution companies know enough about delta 8 to take the time to make sure that delta 8 carts are as high-quality as possible.

Hemp Distributors

A great choice is hemp distributors who sell a wide range of hemp-based goods online.  These companies are run by people who know a lot about hemp and are very capable of determining whether or not a product is high enough in quality to be deserving of a place in their inventory.  Like vape distributors, hemp distributors have high standards when it comes to the products that they sell, and who they are willing to do business with.

Hemp Companies

Of course, you can also buy your delta 8 from the manufacturer itself.  If you’re going to go this route, you’ll want to do some research on the company.  Any company can claim that they make the best delta 8 possible, but you’ll need to do some reviews and read the product descriptions carefully before deciding to make a purchase.

Vape Shops

Vape shops that have embraced the hemp industry may offer delta 8 products alongside their CBD and vaping goods.  Again, there’s an overlap as many delta 8 products are vaping products.  If you have a vape shop in town that you trust, that only carries top-rated companies, then you may find quality delta 8 goods there.

Where You Shouldn’t Buy Delta 8

Now, let’s go over the places from which you should avoid buying delta 8.

Convenience Stores and Similar Outlets

Convenience stores and similar types of places may sell delta 8 products, but it’s hard to trust that they’re high in quality.  Most often, these stores are looking for products that they can sell for cheap.  Plus, you don’t want to buy the cheapest delta 8 that you can find, as this often indicates low quality or low potency.

Third-Party Vendor Platforms

Platforms like Amazon and eBay do not allow the selling of cannabinoid-based products.  Therefore, if you find a delta 8 product on one of these platforms, it’s either fake or being sold against the company’s rules.  Either way, this would indicate that a product should not be trusted.

What to Know Before Buying Delta 8 THC

Before you buy delta 8 from one of the sources listed above, keep these things in mind.

Lab-Testing is Crucial

Companies should have their delta 8 tested by a third-party lab to ensure its quality and purity.  If they don’t, the company is not being transparent.

Milligram Strength Matters

Like CBD products, delta 8 products come in various strengths, so choose a strength potent enough to give you the results you’re looking for.

It Must Come from Hemp

Remember that only hemp-derived delta 8 is legal.

Final Thoughts

Delta 8 is a fast-growing submarket within the hemp industry, which means it’s more widely available than ever before.  Before you invest in delta 8, make sure that the source you’re buying it from is trustworthy and legitimate, and has high standards when it comes to overall quality.