Kids and Edibles

If you believe your young child ate something containing marijuana you should treat it as you would if your child ate any other medication. Watch your child closely for reactions, and call your doctor immediately, or take your child to the emergency room if there are signs of distress of is acting ill.

But in general, stay calm and do not panic. Marijuana does not result in overdoses, and while generally not recommended for children, you should feel a sense of relief that it’s not necessarily a need for panic.

child and edibles

What to do:

  1. Determine the Amount
    Try to determine how much and of what your child consumed, that will help you determine the amount of THC your child consumed.
  2. Timing
    Figure out how long ago it was eaten, and how much, noting that it takes a bit for the full effects to appear, and that it takes about 12 hours to fully wear off.
  3. Monitor
    Watch your child for any reactions, particularly any breathing trouble or any reactions that are different or out of the ordinary for your child.
  4. Contact
    You can contact poison control or even your doctor for advice and monitoring assistance, to evaluate if your child should be taken in to the doctor, to urgent care, or to the emergency room.
  5. Don’t Beat Yourself Up
    Edibles should be treated like other medications, and kept out of the reach of children, but do not beat yourself up and think you’re a horrible parent. Mistakes happen. Kids are resourceful and seem to be drawn to whatever they can get their hands on, just as they do with other things in the house.


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