The FDA and Scientific Studies of Cannabis

No. The FDA believes that medically valid study performed under an IND application is the very best method to determine what people could benefit from the use of medications derived from cannabis.

The FDA supports the ongoing research by:

  • Providing information on the process needed to carry out medical research study using marijuana.
  • Supplying information on the details requirements needed to develop a drug that is stemmed from a plant such as cannabis. In December 2016, the FDA upgraded its Guidance for Industry: Botanical Drug Development, which supplies sponsors with advice on sending IND applications for herb medicine items.
  • Offering specific support for investigators curious about conducting scientific research utilizing cannabis as well as its constituents as a part of the IND process through conferences and also regular communications throughout the medicine growth process.
  • Providing general support to private investigators to help them recognize and also follow the procedures to carry out professional study with the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and also Research’s Small Business and also Industry Assistance team.

FDA and Cannabis: Research and Drug Approval Process

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