8 Ways Cannabis Technology has Improved

January 29, 2021

How Has Cannabis Technology Improved?

Cannabis has been around since the BC era, and archaeologists continue to learn more about how it has been used throughout ancient history.  Once upon a time, cannabis was cultivated using primitive techniques, with unpredictable strains cropping up that were smoked in a pipe made from clay, stone, or early examples of blown-glass pipes.  Nowadays, things have changed quite a bit, with a booming cannabis industry that is constantly evolving on the technological front.


Technology and cannabis make for a good match.  Cannabis has so many unique properties and uses, so advancements in technology have allowed us to better finetune the ways in which it can be used to address people’s more specific needs.  For instance, we now have the means to produce specific strains that have strong properties for sleep, pain, etc.


Further, we have techniques that allow us to isolate specific compounds, deliver the compounds into our bodies through different means, and even vaporize cannabis rather than smoke it.  It is hard to imagine how the industry could advance even further in the years to come.


We will be taking a look at the many ways in which cannabis has advanced over the years, to better appreciate how it suits us today in a far more personalized manner than ever before.

A Better Understanding of its Properties

Once upon a time, our ancestors did not know why cannabis worked.  They just knew that when they smoked it, it made them feel better.  Today, we have teams of medical researchers using advanced methods to study its properties and determine what it is truly capable of.


Easily, one of the most important discoveries in the cannabis world was that of the endocannabinoid system.  The endocannabinoid system was first identified in the 1990s, and proved that cannabinoids like CBD, THC and others that come from cannabis work with the body in a unique way.  They bind to cannabinoid receptors located in all regions of the body to stimulate regulatory effects, as the endocannabinoid system is always striving for homeostasis throughout its host.


Understanding what we do now about this bodily system allows us to know more about why cannabis may be particularly useful for specific ailments.  It’s also allowed us to develop cannabis products for pets, which may offer benefits to them in a natural way.


We also have a better understanding of the synergistic nature of cannabis compounds, including the relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids, which plays a major role in determining which strains are ideal for specific issues.


Feminized Seeds

The feminizing of cannabis seeds is a big deal for anyone who knows how expensive it can be to cultivate crops.  Only the female cannabis plants have therapeutic value, as the male counterparts lack the compounds that have the effects that we desire.  Once upon a time, farmers all but wasted half their crops due to so many males.  Now, we have developed means for ensuring that all of the crops are female, using specific farming techniques that change the actual sex of the plant during its growing stages.


This is still a relatively new practice, but once it catches on, it will have a major impact on the potential economic strain of being a cannabis cultivator.

Breeding Strains

Of course, modern cannabis cultivators can breed strains in ways that weren’t possible centuries ago, or even decades ago.  The art of breeding a new strain requires the ability to analyze each one’s chemical composition, which could not be done without modern technology.  Creating new strains is not just a fun hobby – some strains can offer unique medicinal value over others.


For instance, Charlotte’s Web was a cannabis strain developed specifically for an epileptic child and played a role in the FDAs approval of a cannabis-based drug made for exactly that purpose.

Different Delivery Methods

Now, we can enjoy a wide range of delivery methods that each deliver the compounds of cannabis into the body in a unique way.  Once upon a time, our ancestors could either smoke it or infuse it into an oil using primitive techniques that yielded highly unstable results.  Thanks to different extraction methods that maintain the stability of the compounds, we can turn the buds of the cannabis plant into a rich array of product formulations including tinctures, tasty gummy candies and even advanced skincare solutions.

Advanced Extraction and Isolation Techniques

We have developed highly advanced extraction and isolation practices that allow us to take a more science-based approach to using cannabis for wellness purposes.  This in turn provides an amazing ability to develop the CO2 extraction method, which is largely considered the best option possible due to its ability to preserve the chemical integrity of each compound without the introduction of impurities.


We have also come up with distillation methods that make it possible to isolate individual cannabinoids, something that just was not possible a hundred years ago.


Today’s cannabis formulas are unique in that they have different chemical compositions and configurations from the raw plant.  For example, we now have delta 8 distillate, which takes a minorly occurring cannabinoid in hemp and turns it into a concentrated psychoactive compound that can be blended with isolated terpenes to produce totally new ways to experience the effects of cannabis.

The World of Concentrates

Concentrates have proven to be hugely popular among cannabis enthusiasts, delivering the same compounds they love in highly potent ways.  Many of today’s concentrates require technology to exist.  Hashish is an ancient concentrate made by pressing together the resinous trichomes of the buds, but it has its limitations.  Present day waxes, shatters and other concentrates are made using high-tech extraction and chemistry methods that were not available centuries ago.  Also, technology has given us advanced devices for smoking and vaping these concentrates so that the effects can be as desirable as possible.


Concentrates have become so popular that new ones are being developed constantly.  Take sauce, for instance, which is a sauce-like cannabis concentrate known for its flavor and loose consistency.  While still new to the market, it is demonstrating the popularity of these advanced methods that come from constantly evolving technology.

Vaping Devices

Of course, those modern vaping devices have transformed how we use cannabis.  Rather than producing smoke, they produce vapor, which is easier on the throat and more discreet.  Plus, they come with all kinds of features that let us customize the flavor and strength of each puff, which is something that was once impossible to have control over.


Vaping devices use internal or external batteries to heat a coil that vaporizes the product, whether it be a cannabis-infused oil or the raw flower itself.  There are even specialized devices for concentrates which can handle these notoriously finicky consistencies without burning them.  Vaping devices can exist as large tabletop structures, pocket-friendly mods, and everything in-between.

Online Retail

Online retail may not seem like a direct advancement in the cannabis world, but it is.  Thanks to our ability to buy cannabis goods online, we can afford them more easily due to growing competition.  We can even access just about every cannabis product under the sun with the press of a button.  In states that have legalized marijuana, delivery services exist that bring cannabis directly to your door.  This is not just convenient – for those who are disabled, it can be a godsend.

Final Analysis

The cannabis industry has grown impressively over the years, and technology has taken its ability to satisfy our needs to an entirely new level.  With so much money invested into the cannabis market today, we cannot wait to see what the future holds, as it’s hard to imagine how much more advanced the industry can possibly get.


In fact, with an influx of technological advancements and enhancements that are bringing our industry to new heights, the next several years especially are sure to usher in huge changes, fantastic innovations, and new technologies that will wow and amaze both cannabis enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.