The Business of Canabis

Businesses and stores all around the world are having problems trying to conjure up their sales and promoting their products to as many customers as possible. But what if there was an even more enticing way to engage to your customers and also promote your business? Well you are in luck, as studies many customers today use search engines to find specifically the products they want by using catchy, key-words to meet their wants and demands.

In order to expand your business, every business owner, sales person, and entrepreneur must not only understand the product or service they are providing to their customers, but also understand the customers and their wants and demands. So first, one must understand the idea and concept of the marijuana plant, its uses and the effects in using it; this will help you to connect to your customers regardless of the age, gender, and etc.


Why use key words? Three very simple reasons:

  • They clarify the purpose of your web page to visitors and prospective customers. Each page should have a topic and associated keywords.
  • They are the foundation of quality website content. Customers will often scan the web page for the keyword they used for the search to ensure that the correct information is present.
  • They can help search engines to understand the intent of your website and match your site to searches. Search engine crawlers use keywords to appropriately index website pages.

Business Keywords

So to conclude, use these 5 Key-Words to expand your marijuana business:

  1. Weed
  2. Hemp
  3. Cannabinoids
  4. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  5. Cannabidiol (CBD)



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