How Cannabis can help with Insomnia and Sleep Disorders


Things to think about before you attempt marijuana

  • Smoking of any kind is a known health danger and need to be approached with caution. Medical use of marijuana is still prohibited in many areas.
  • Speak with your doctor about your sleep cycles. There may be long-term health consequences with interrupted REM, because much of the immune function repair happens in deep sleep.
  • Long-term use of any sleep aid isn’t advised.
  • Please use cannabis responsibly. using cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding isn’t suggested.
    Long-lasting cannabis usage has actually been revealed to have changes on the amount of grey matter in the brain. For teens, cannabis seems to have a lot more profound long-lasting and long lasting effects on the brain and isn’t advised.
  • Marijuana usage isn’t suggested for anyone under 25 years of age due to the fact that of the long-lasting effects on learning and recall.

More research study on cannabis for medical functions as well as the risk of COPD is still required.

Please use cannabis responsibly. Smoking marijuana is hazardous to the lungs, particularly for those with asthma or other breathing conditions. The usage of marijuana while pregnant or breastfeeding isn’t recommended.

How do I use marijuana for a good night’s rest?


Many people ingest marijuana by smoking cigarettes it as a joint or with a pipe.
If you do not like smoking cigarettes, prefer to protectyour lungs, or just dislike marijuana’s signature smell, try vaping devices or THC-rich casts, which are dropped under the tongue. Both methods work when using marijuana for sleep.

How much marijuana to take?

It might take some experimentation to get the dose that’s right for you– so don’t attempt this throughout a work week! If smoking or vaping, you’ll wish to start with simply a few puffs. In some instances you may increase your energy, so pay attention to strains, and select ones that are appropriate for insomnia.

Tishler notes that a little goes a long way. As discussed before, exaggerating it can result in grogginess the next morning. “If you need to re-dose in the middle of the night, that’s [OKAY] too,” Tishler states. “But you should prevent re-dosing if you awaken within four hours of when you require to be up.”

Bear in mind of how you feel after you smoke. Feeling “high” can vary from feeling slight ecstasy, to a slowed sense of time, to enhanced feelings such as cotton mouth.

Timing your consumption for bedtime

Timing is necessary when it concerns using marijuana, specifically for sleep. This is also why Tishler seldom advises edibles, explaining that, “They are unreliable about when they’ll start. Sometimes it’s about one hour, other times it can be more like 2 to 3 hours.”

It can also affect us for longer than intended and cause grogginess in the morning. “Because of the method cannabis is processed from our gut to our liver, the duration of action can be a lot longer, like 8 to 12 hours.” Taking any product for insomnia can have unintended side effects, so be alert and discuss the concerns with your healthcare provider.

While everyone’s physiology is different, it’s generally better to take the marijuana at least an hour before bedtime. According to Tishler, an hour before bedtime is ideal due to the fact that the cannabis will work for about three to 4 hours, assisting you to fall asleep. “That way, people don’t feel the impacts right as they are going to sleep, which can cause excitability and prevent sleep.”

Prior to you sleep, keep this in mind

Of course, not all sleep products work for everyone the same method. In some cases the products can have the opposite affect, increasing insomnia in this case. Cannabis is no different. “People with recent cardiac arrest or poor cardiovascular health should avoid marijuana usage due to increased occurrence of myocardial infarction,” warns Roman.

Likewise, while cannabis is often used to minimize anxiety, some individuals discover that high-THC pressures make them more nervous or paranoid.If you’re one of these people, try out different strains or blends, or let your dispensary know when you’re selecting your strains. You may find that a different mixture can cause sleep without heightening your stress and anxiety.



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