Delta 8 in Hawaii

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
March 9, 2021
Hawaii and Delta 8 Cannabis
Hawaii and Delta 8 Cannabis

The hemp market has taken Hawaii residents by storm, ever since CBD (cannabidiol) first hit the scene with its distinctive effects pertaining to the body’s endocannabinoid system.  Now, we have another cannabinoid that’s making waves, and it is delta 8 THC.  Unlike CBD, delta 8 exists only in trace levels in the hemp plant, but we have managed to isolate and concentrate this cannabinoid so that we can produce products that highlight its unique effects.

When it comes to all matters that are cannabis-related, Hawaii is one of many states that simply sticks to federal law.  In 2018, federal law declared the hemp plant to be fully legal, including its individual cannabinoid derivatives, as long as no hemp product contains more than 0.3% delta 9 THC.  Therefore, delta 8 has been federally legal, and legal in the state of Hawaii, since 2018.

Some states have gone ahead and restricted the ways in which residents can purchase and use delta 8, but Hawaii is not one of them.  In Hawaii, residents can freely try delta-8 as they so desire, choosing from various types of products, milligram strengths and more.

Types of Delta 8 THC Products

Delta 8 comes in various types of product forms, just like cannabidiol.  Here is where we will cover the most popular ways to take delta-8 so that you can decide how you’d like to experience this compound.

  • Vape Cartridges: Disposable, replaceable cartridges filled with delta 8 e-liquid in various strains and milligram strengths. They are compatible with 510-threaded vape pens made for hemp e-liquids.
  • Disposable Vape Pens: A user-friendly option as they require no maintenance or the use of any buttons. They come with a battery that lasts until the e-liquid in the cartridge runs out, and also come in various strains and milligram strengths.
  • Tinctures: Delta 8 extract diluted in a carrier oil, and are absorbed through the sublingual tissue, which is below the tongue. You can find them in many different concentrations as well as flavor options.
  • Edibles: Food products infused with delta 8 extract, and gummies are the most sought-after of all. They are available in all kinds of tasty flavors, and they offer long-lasting effects compared to other methods.
  • Capsules: An alternative to edibles as they also promote long-lasting effects and are ingested. They come in many different strengths.
  • Dabs: Concentrates that are naturally higher in potency and are inhaled via a dabbing device.
  • Flower: Hemp flower that has been infused with delta 8 THC and is used just like traditional flower. You can find many different strains and choose between loose buds and pre-rolls.
  • Topicals: Absorb into the muscles and joints, and therefore do not produce psychoactive effects.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 THC in Hawaii?

Now, let’s talk about your options for where you can buy delta 8.  Maybe some stores in your area now carry delta 8 THC products, but the reality is that buying delta 8 online is always the superior option.  Now, we will explain why.

More Selection

Shopping for delta 8 online gives you access to a wider selection of products to choose from, allowing you to customize your delta-8 routine based on the most specific preferences and goals that you may have.

Better Prices

Usually, companies that sell delta 8 online offer better prices.  This has to do with the fact that online retailers are not stuck with the high overhead costs associated with operating a physical business location.

Higher Standards

Online companies usually have higher quality standards due to the fact that their customers have higher expectations, and because the online marketplace is simply more competitive.

Better Discounts and Special Offers

Online companies typically offer special discounts and promotions on a frequent basis to get new customers to explore their products.  These deals result in lots of savings for you to enjoy.

Fresher Inventory

Buying delta 8 online allows you to enjoy fresher products, because online companies have higher product turnover rates that keep the inventory fresh.  Freshness is a key factor when experiencing delta 8 because the fresher the product, the more effective it is.

Bulk Buying Options

Buying delta 8 online allows you to enjoy the option of purchasing in bulk while saving money, because these companies hold a lot of inventory at one time.


Buying delta 8 THC online offers the convenience factor, since you don’t need to leave your home to buy delta 8 products.

Why In-Person Shopping May Not Be Ideal

Delta 8 product that you come across in your local vape shop or convenience store may lack the quality level that you’re looking for, because these stores don’t specialize in hemp and may therefore not know what indicates quality when it comes to delta-8.  On top of that, products may be sitting around in stores for a long time due to the fact that local demand is low, and you may end up paying more than you need to due to the store’s overhead costs.

Say Aloha to Delta 8 THC

From big cities like Honolulu all the way to the smaller beaches of the island, Delta 8 is widely available to Hawaiians, and better yet, it is fully legal thanks to the state’s adherence to the Farm Bill of 2018.  This means that you can play around with various delta-8 products as you so choose.  If you want the best delta8 that’s on the market, look for a good online source, where the products are more likely to have the quality and freshness that you’re entitled to.