Delta 8 in Louisiana

March 9, 2021

In areas of Louisiana such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, there seems to be an influx of people exploring the unique properties of the hemp plant, and its dominant cannabinoid, CBD (cannabidiol).  But CBD is not the only cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and a new one to hit the scene is delta 8 THC.  Unlike CBD, delta 8 is, in fact, psychoactive, but in a way that’s milder than delta 9 THC.  And, since delta-8 is a minor cannabinoid, we have now developed ways to extract it in order to experience its effects more potently.

Naturally, many people in the country remain a bit confused about hemp laws, as federal legalization is still quite new, and as different states have different restrictions.

Is Delta 8 THC Legal in Louisiana?

Yes, delta 8 is totally legal in the state of Louisiana.  Delta-8 is legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill which made the compound legal on a federal level, along with all hemp-derived compounds except for delta 9 THC.  It is true that some states have made delta 8 illegal for various reasons, but LA has not, as they stick to federal law when it comes to cannabis use in general.

What this means for Louisiana residents is that it is totally legal to buy delta 8 in the state and choose from any delivery method that’s available on the market, without any limits on possession, strength or anything else pertaining to potency or quantity.

Types of Delta 8 THC Products

Now that we have clarified the legality of delta 8 in Louisiana, let’s take a look at the most popular ways to take this cannabinoid.  As you’ll see, it comes in all kinds of forms, just like CBD.  Knowing what is out there can help you develop a routine that is more likely to meet your goals, while being completely legal according to state law.

  • Vape Cartridges: One of the most popular ways to consume delta 8 is to vape it in the form of a pre-filled vape cart. This glass cartridge is filled with delta 8 e-liquid, and is disposable.  It attaches to a low-wattage vape pen and performs reliably while requiring no maintenance.
  • Disposable Vape Pens: Very user-friendly, maintenance-free, do not require that you recharge the batter, or refill the cartridge. You can find them in numerous strains and milligram strengths.
  • Tinctures: Great choice for those who prefer sublingual administration, meaning below the tongue. You can find these tinctures in all kinds of concentrations and even flavors.  Packaged in dropper bottles for easy dosing.
  • Edibles: Allow you to ingest the cannabinoid for effects that can last for up to 10 hours. You can find all kinds of flavors, consistencies, and milligram strengths.  Without a doubt, the most popular type of edible product are gummies.
  • Capsules: Deliver very long-lasting effects while being swallowed like any ordinary pill. They have minimal ingredients, and come in a wide range of milligram strengths.
  • Dabs: These are concentrates which have extremely high potency levels as the compound has been concentrated. They can only be used with a dabbing device that is either for smoking or vaping.  Also, dabbing products are better for experienced delta-8 enthusiasts.
  • Flower: Allows you to experience the raw buds of the hemp plant with an increased delta 8 concentration, as the delta 8 is infused into the flower. Available in all kinds of popular strains.
  • Topicals: Topical solutions are not associated with psychoactive effects, as they absorb through the skin and into the muscles without crossing the blood brain barrier.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 THC in Louisiana?

While delta 8 may be available in-person in the state of Louisiana, we feel that it’s best to buy it online.  As you’ll see, buying delta-8 online gives you a better chance of finding the perfect products for your needs.

More Selection

Buying delta 8 in person can leave you with an extremely limited selection of formulas and strengths, causing you to settle for something that doesn’t totally meet your specific needs.  Meanwhile, the online market offers a huge array of products that lets you really customize your regimen.

Better Prices

Purchasing delta 8 online gives you access to better prices, which come from the fact that overhead costs are cheaper in online retail than physical retail.

Higher Standards

A lot of delta 8 that you find in-person can be questionable in terms of quality, but online retailers tend to offer higher-quality products because they must meet the demands of their more knowledgeable customers and compete with the many other brands available online.

Better Discounts and Special Offers

When buying delta 8 online, you have access to all kinds of special promotions that result in savings.  These companies must work extremely hard to get your attention away from the competition, and to move inventory as much as possible.

Fresher Inventory

When you buy delta8 THC online, you may end up with a fresher product, which means that it is more likely to be potent and effective.  Online retailers have wider audiences, and therefore enjoy faster turnover rates.

Bulk Buying Options

More online retailers offer options to buy in bulk at a discounted price.  Online retailers can do this because they can hold more inventory.


It is obviously more convenient to buy your delta-8 online, as you do not need to leave your home.

Why In-Person Options May Not Be Ideal

Louisiana residents may come across delta 8 THC in a nearby convenience store or vape shop, but ultimately, the products are less likely to be fresh, high-quality, affordable, and diverse compared to what you can find online.  Plus, buying delta 8 online is simply a more convenient way to check out what’s available.

Experience Delta 8 in Every Parish of Louisiana

From Shreveport to West Monroe, the good news is that you can legally explore delta 8 THC in its many forms, concentrations, and strains.  If you wish to begin a routine with delta 8, then we recommend that you explore all of the products that exist online, in order to end up with quality goods that are as fresh as can be, not to mention refreshingly affordable.