Is Weed Delivery Legal in Colorado?

January 16, 2023
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Colorado
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Colorado

Many states across the country have finally permitted the use of marijuana by legalizing cannabis.  One of the earliest states to warm up to weed was Colorado, where the state’s economy has grown as a result of recreational legalization.  Throughout Colorado in cities like Boulder, Denver, and even Aspen, it is easy to find marijuana for personal use as dispensaries have popped up seemingly everywhere.  However, there is some legality of weed delivery in this state that needs to be mentioned as well as any restrictions that are involved.  Hence, the question on a lot of Coloradoans’ minds: is weed delivery legal in Colorado?

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is a relatively simple concept that’s not all that different from having food delivered from your favorite local restaurant.  A person shops online for marijuana from local dispensaries, and either the dispensary or a third-party service delivers it to your home.  Weed delivery is a super convenient way to obtain marijuana, being perfect for those with busy schedules, and it’s also a means to allow those who are immobilized due to a disability to get access to cannabis products through a regulated process.

As you would imagine, the specifics of weed delivery vary from state to state, and some states with legal marijuana still do not permit delivery of cannabis products at all.  Among those that do, certain restrictions may or may not exist, such as a requirement to provide a medical card upon placing an order, or the amount that can be purchased for delivery at any given time.

Some states require that weed delivery is handled as a direct exchange between a dispensary and a customer.  Other states permit a third-party service to aggregate products from a range of local dispensaries to give customers more options, but this usually comes with a higher fee.

Is Weed Delivery Legal In Colorado?

With long-standing recreational legalization in the state of Colorado, one would assume that a state-regulated delivery system has been in place for years.  However, that’s actually not the case, and up until 2020, businesses that provided a delivery service to customers were breaking the law.

In 2020, a law was passed allowing businesses to deliver at last, requiring that dispensaries apply with the state to acquire permission to do so, but that was only for medical patients with a prescription for cannabis.  In 2021, it became legal for dispensaries to deliver marijuana to recreational patients as well.

Colorado law requires proof of age upon delivery, as you must be 21 or older to purchase marijuana.  Further, state law makes it clear that dispensaries must not only apply with the state but also with their local municipality, and if a local municipality bans delivery, then that dispensary cannot legally deliver marijuana.

In terms of purchase limits, residents cannot purchase more than 2 ounces of flower, 40 grams of concentrate or infused products containing more than 20,000mg of THC.  Further, a patient cannot place more than one order in a single day.

What is the Delivery Process Like?

Because recreational delivery laws are very new in Colorado, it is important to point out that not all dispensaries may offer this service, and also, you should be patient as many businesses are only just getting a hang of this new avenue for providing products to customers.  Remember that you cannot purchase weed for delivery if you are under 21, so have your state-issued ID ready as it is required both at time of purchase and delivery.

  1. First, you’ll need to find a dispensary that delivers to your home.
  2. Then, the ordering process is extremely user-friendly, allowing you to add items to your cart within the legal purchase limits.
  3. Once your cart is filled with what you want, you can go ahead and checkout as you would on any other online retailer’s website.
  4. During checkout, you’ll be required to verify your age, provide contact information and enter your home address so that the delivery can be made.
  5. Once your order is in, a notification will be provided that give you an estimate as to when you can expect your order. Keep in mind that local traffic can cause longer wait times, and this is not the fault of the business.
  6. At the time of delivery, you will again verify your age, and be ready to enjoy your new cannabis supply.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

Of course, someone who is going to order weed for delivery in Colorado wants to know that they are getting a safe product, and that the product is being delivered from a reputable company that complies with the law.  The fortunate thing is that Colorado state law is strict when it comes to this kind of operation, and long ago established equally strict regulations with the dispensaries that provide this kind of service.

For a dispensary to operate, it must comply with state and federal regulations, which includes verifying that the products they sell are safe by ensuring that each product has been analyzed by a third party.  What this means is that as long as you order from a licensed dispensary, you can count on getting a safe and genuine product.

Also, those who actually do the delivery must follow regulations to make sure that they are of age and are qualified to deliver cannabis to your home.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

Weed delivery in Colorado is subject to tax, as are all cannabis products sold legally in the state.  This tax largely supports the state’s ability to continue regulating the industry and enforce laws that keep customers safe.  There is a delivery fee in most cases, as determined by the business itself, which reflects the transportation costs.

From the Rockies to the Hot Springs, Weed Delivery is Awesome in Colorado

No matter if you live in Fort Collins or Aurora, weed delivery in Colorado is taking off, with the state demonstrating the importance of offering this type of service to cannabis enthusiasts who have a hard time making it to dispensaries to shop in person.  We expect that more dispensaries will offer user-friendly delivery services moving forward so that Coloradans can easily get fast and affordable cannabis sent to their homes.