Is Weed Delivery Legal in Maryland?

January 16, 2023
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Maryland
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Maryland

When it comes to purchasing weed online or in-person, most people are looking for the same thing: fast and convenient access to their favorite marijuana strain.  That’s why people are looking for weed delivery in Maryland and other states. But buying cannabis in today’s society isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not just a matter of where you can buy marijuana, it’s also a matter of where you can legally do this. Essentially, the question is: is weed delivery legal in Maryland?

You see, not every state has the same laws when it comes to weed.  Some states have very extensive laws, while others have very restrictive ones.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the Maryland dispensary delivery laws so that you can ensure that you’re purchasing cannabis in a state that’s open to the cannabis industry.

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is a service in which marijuana products from local dispensaries are delivered to your door, eliminating the need to visit the dispensary yourself.  Of course, everyone can appreciate the convenience of this type of service, especially those with no access to a vehicle or a schedule that simply does not permit driving to make a purchase.  More importantly, weed delivery serves the ethical function of providing immobilized individuals with direct access to cannabis products that may be helpful to them for medicinal use.

Weed delivery is not available in every state, including states that have legalized marijuana in some capacity.  In fact, each state has its own unique laws regarding how weed delivery services can operate.  Some states have laws about the times during which cannabis can be delivered, or the amounts that can be purchased.  Some may require a medical card upon purchase or delivery if they have not yet permitted marijuana for recreational use.  Also, some states allow for a third-party aggregator service to act as a middleman between dispensaries and customers, while others are strict about maintaining a more direct dispensary-to-customer service.

Is Weed Delivery Legal in Maryland?

While recreational marijuana and various CBD products are still illegal at the federal level, 10 states have already legalized it for recreational or medicinal use.  Maryland was one of these states.  In May 2018, a vote to legalize recreational marijuana was passed by a wide margin, and it became official on October 1, 2018.

The passage of the Maryland marijuana legalization bill was a huge step forward for the cannabis community, and it’s safe to assume that there will be more progress in the future.  For now, however, buying cannabis in this state remains illegal.

Although the state has loosened restrictions on medicinal cannabis, the whole process is still not officially approved. So, if you’re looking to buy marijuana in this state, you’re going to have to go to a neighboring state.

Basically, weed delivery laws in Maryland are very strict.  While there’s definitely a market for cannabis delivery, in Maryland you can only order from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.  If you want to purchase cannabis online, you’ll have to order from a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in this state.

There are two types of licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Maryland”

  • “Compassionate Care Centers,” which are located in every county in the state.
  • “Alternative Treatment Centers,” which are located only in the Greater Baltimore region. 

If you’re a medical marijuana patient in the state of Maryland, you may be able to order weed delivered right to your door.  Many dispensaries offer 7-day delivery on orders, and they do it free of charge.  However, there might be various delivery fees, so be attentive when making an order.  When it comes to delivery options, every dispensary will have its own hours and regulations.  To find out more about that specific dispensary’s policies, check their website before ordering.

How to Buy Weed in Maryland

Before you can even think about buying weed, you need to be a patient in this state. To do this, you’ll have to be diagnosed with one of the 17 qualifying conditions and then register as a patient with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Once you become a patient, you can register with an authorized caregiver, who can then purchase cannabis on your behalf. Even though buying cannabis in this state remains illegal, this is how most people end up purchasing cannabis.

Let’s say you want to buy marijuana in Maryland. Your first step is to become a patient by getting a doctor’s note. Once you’re a patient, you can go to your caregiver’s website to purchase cannabis online.

Where You Can Legally Order Weed in Maryland

Now that you know the limitations of marijuana consumption and distribution in this state, you are aware of laws governing carrying products on your person. If you are from Maryland or neighboring states such as Washington, DC and Virginia, you might want to order cannabis online. Here is how you can do so:

  • Available Maryland weed delivery services 

In Maryland, you can order cannabis products from a website by becoming a patient. Once you’ve registered as a patient, you can fill out an online order form to place your cannabis order. If you want to buy weed in this state, this is the easiest way to do so.

  • Ordering on a caregiver’s website

You have the option of ordering directly from your caregiver’s website. When ordering online from your caregiver, you will be able to choose from various strains and products such as hemp flowers and concentrates. And the delivery service is also available.

  • Ordering directly from an online dispensary

If your caregiver does not have their own online shop, then you have the option of ordering directly from an online dispensary. As far as cannabis products are concerned, these dispensaries offer a wider range than what caregivers offer and are generally more convenient because they deliver weed products directly to your doorstep. You can try several of them to find the best weed delivery service in Maryland.

What Is the Delivery Process Like?

Since weed delivery in Maryland is illegal, you can’t just track your order online like you can with other orders. Instead, you’ll have to call the customer service number on your order confirmation to find out the tracking information.

It’s important to note that the tracking information only stays active for 30 days, so don’t wait too long to follow up with customer service if you want to keep track of your order. If you’ll make your order early in the morning, you will likely get the same-day delivery.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

Naturally, anyone ordering weed for delivery through an online method wants to know that the entire process is safe as possible.  Rest assured that Maryland has worked hard to develop a safe process for both the customer and the business itself.  The state took a while to finally roll out their delivery program after the law was initially passed, primarily because lawmakers wanted to take their time to develop restrictions and regulations to ensure maximum safety for all parties involved.

As long as you order from a verified dispensary or warehouse, you can feel confident that you’re buying cannabis that has been produced in a compliant way and has been tested for safety using various methods.  Also, delivery drivers have to adhere to strict rules that ensure that they take the safety needs of the customer very seriously.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

Shipping cannabis to Maryland is expensive as there’s no reliable interstate shipping service right now. The best way to ship cannabis to this state is by ground transportation. You can get an instant quote for this by entering your zip code into our price comparison tool.

As far as other shipping costs go, the state imposes a 3.75% tax on every sale of cannabis. You can learn more about the tax rate by visiting the Maryland Department of Revenue’s website.

If you’re buying weed in Maryland, it’s important to keep this number in mind. The more weed you buy, the more expensive shipping to this state becomes. So, if you’re looking to make a substantial purchase, it’s critical to factor shipping costs into your budget.

Bottom Line: Is Buying Weed in Maryland Worth It?

Buying cannabis in Maryland is a bit different than it is in other states, but it’s still doable. To buy CBD in this state, you’ll need to be a patient and then buy from a caregiver. You can choose from various cannabis delivery in Maryland options available in the state, including Baltimore County.

It’s essential to be aware of the laws and the price of shipping marijuana to Maryland because the price of marijuana can be very expensive. For example, a single-flower ounce of marijuana is going for $300 on average. That’s a lot of money, especially when you consider that a single-flower ounce of marijuana costs around $12 in most other states. If you’re okay with the price, buying weed in Maryland is definitely doable.