Is Weed Delivery Legal in Oregon?

January 3, 2023
Oregon Weed Delivery Legal
Oregon Weed Delivery Legal

Weed delivery has changed the way in which we purchase our cannabis, with state-regulated delivery programs popping up in many states that have legalized marijuana.  Being able to simply make a purchase from your local dispensary and wait for it to arrive at your door has been a massive convenience for recreational users, and a serious godsend for those who are disabled.  Now, since Oregon has legalized cannabis, naturally many residents living in places like Portland or Eugene wonder whether or not their home state offers this type of program.

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is, as you would expect, a service in which you can order cannabis products online and have them delivered to your home, from a local dispensary.  Weed delivery is not available in every state that has legalized cannabis, but it is becoming more and more widespread as states are finding that it serves a crucial function to cannabis users.  Besides the convenience that it offers to recreational users, it provides medical patients with the ability to acquire marijuana without having to leave their homes, which can be extremely helpful if they are disabled and using cannabis specifically for their disability.

The concept of weed delivery is very straightforward and isn’t any more complex than ordering food for delivery from a nearby restaurant.  Of course, each state has different laws pertaining to the delivery process, including how much a person can purchase at any time, the hours of the day that they can place an order and whether or not they require a medical card to take advantage of this type of program.

Overall, states that have implemented weed delivery have found that it has been greatly beneficial to the state cannabis industry.

Is it Legal to Have Weed Delivered in Oregon?

In Oregon, weed delivery is available throughout the state, much to the enjoyment of its residents.  The state allows both medical and recreational users to take advantage of this program, and Oregon has actually set the framework for other states to follow.

This state regulates the weed delivery program in an effort to ensure that the entire process is safe and legitimate for all parties involved.

  • For one thing, there are pretty strict laws when it comes to the actual delivery person, requiring that they be registered with the state, which means that a dispensary owner cannot just ask their nephew to run some marijuana over to a nearby customer.
  • Customers must be at least 21 years of age and show proof of age in order to make a purchase.
  • Deliveries can only be made between 8 am and 9 pm, and a delivery person is not permitted to make two deliveries to the same residence in a single day.
  • Orders must be kept in a lock-box during the delivery process, and the vehicle must have a working alarm system.
  • Individuals seeking delivery cannot place orders that exceed $3,000 worth of product.

One thing worth noting is that Oregon law permits any licensed cannabis retailer to offer a delivery service, meaning that they do not need to operate a brick-and-mortar dispensary in order to participate in this program.

What is the Delivery Process Like?

Ordering marijuana for delivery in Oregon is a very straightforward and easy process that is no different from making a food delivery order.

  1. First, you’ll need to find a dispensary that does deliver, as not all do.
  2. Visit the dispensary’s website, where they will have a simple cart system in which you add individual items to your shopping cart at a time. Remember that you cannot order more than $3,000 worth of product.
  3. When ready to check out, you will have to provide some form of age verification, along with your contact information and your home address.
  4. Once the checkout stage is complete, an estimated delivery time will be provided, which largely reflects current traffic in your area.
  5. Usually within 3 hours, your order will arrive, and at this time you’ll need to show your state-issued ID card as it’s important to prove that you were the individual who placed the order. From there, you’re free to enjoy your weed as you so desire.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

Oregon does have fairly strict rules in place when it comes to cannabis delivery, and that’s not because they want to deprive marijuana users throughout the state, but it’s because they put safety first.  These strict regulations ensure that customers receive safe products that are delivered in a risk-free way.  The state regulates the entire delivery operation of dispensaries throughout, closely monitoring them to make sure that all rules are followed.

Dispensaries are held to high standards and must prove that the products they carry are legitimate and have been tested by a third party to guarantee that they will not cause any kind of harm to the user.

Oregon also has strict laws when it comes to the drivers who transport cannabis from dispensaries to the customers.  This ensures that the middleman between the transaction maintains certain protocols that protect your product from contamination and prevent you from being ripped off in some way.

What all of this means is that as long as you are ordering from a licensed dispensary, you do not have anything to worry about.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

Weed delivery is a service that offers convenience, and that will come with a small delivery fee.  The actual fee amount is determined by the dispensary based on transportation costs and how much they pay their drivers, but it should not be that much higher than the cost of purchasing in a store.

Cannabis is taxed in Oregon, which will affect you, whether ordering for delivery or in-person.  This tax helps the state enforce strict safety regulations.

The Beaver State is Awesome for Weed Delivery!

Oregon has maintained a successful delivery program for both recreational and medical users for some time, and many other states have followed in their footsteps based on their exceptional model.  What this means is that any cannabis user can enjoy the convenience of ordering their favorite marijuana products online without having to leave their homes.