Is Weed Delivery Legal in Vermont?

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
January 14, 2023
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Vermont
Weed Delivery, Weed Delivery Legal, Weed Services, Vermont

Did you know that Vermont legalized weed back in 2018? Well, now you do. And, we know, it doesn’t seem that long ago. Since then, residents all over this state have been able to enjoy their favorite cannabis products without worrying about getting into trouble with the law. As more dispensaries have emerged in areas like Burlington, Stowe, and even Montpelier, clearly then, the cannabis industry within this state is immensely popular.  In fact, we’re aware that some states throughout the country have implemented weed delivery programs regulated by the state. So, we will be discussing this major question that’s on a lot of Vermonters’ minds which is, is weed delivery legal in Vermont?

What is Weed Delivery?

Weed delivery is a straightforward service that allows cannabis customers to order products from a nearby dispensary and have them delivered to their homes. The process is extremely user-friendly, and states that have implemented this type of program (as not all states have) are generally finding that it’s extremely successful. While some states allow weed delivery for recreational users, some require that you have a medical card.

Ordering weed for delivery is different in every state, and many states have restrictions, as this type of program is regulated by the state’s government. Many states require a specific purchase limit, and some are specific about which hours you can make a purchase. Also, it’s important to remember that just because a state has legalized marijuana in some capacity doesn’t mean they have yet implemented a legal delivery program.

The regulations that exist according to the government aim to keep the buyer as well as the dispensary safe and are ultimately fair to cannabis users. Weed delivery, by and large, offers lots of convenience to recreational users and also helps out those who are immobilized due to a disability.

You can have weed delivered to your home if you live in Vermont, but only as a medical patient. What this means is that even though recreational cannabis has been legal in the state for three years, delivery services are not available. In Vermont, in order to have weed delivered to your home, you must provide your medical card to confirm that you are legally permitted to use this service. You must also be present at the time of delivery to verify that you are the one who placed the order.

Currently, this state does not permit third-party services to transport marijuana from a dispensary to a customer, meaning there is no DoorDash for cannabis. The state strictly regulates the process in order to keep all parties as safe as possible, and a dispensary cannot deliver to the same residence twice during the day. Only two ounces of cannabis can be purchased at a time, which is twice the general purchase limit for recreational users.

Suppose you are a cannabis user who utilizes marijuana to manage some type of chronic symptom. In that case, you can try to apply for a medical card in order to be able to have weed delivered to your home.

What is the Delivery Process Like?

For medical marijuana patients, weed delivery in Vermont 2022 is a pretty fast and easy process.

  1. First, you will need to find a dispensary near you that offers delivery, as you should not assume that all dispensaries do provide a delivery service.
  2. Once you do find a dispensary that will deliver to your home, you will visit their website and place an order by adding items to your shopping cart, bearing in mind the two-ounce purchase limit.
  3. Once your cart is ready, proceed to checkout just like you would with any online retailer, providing your payment information, your home delivery address, and your contact information.
  4. Along with that, you’ll need to verify that you are a medical marijuana patient and not a recreational user, which is easily done with your state-issued medical marijuana card.
  5. Once the order has been placed, you will be given a window of time during which your order will arrive. This is important as you must be home at the time of purchase to show your medical card in person and verify that you are the person who placed the order.

Is Weed Delivery Safe?

We appreciate that those who have never used a delivery service before may be concerned about safety. Still, we can assure you that when speaking of weed delivery Vermont has many strict laws and regulations that ensure the entire process is as safe as possible. You don’t have to worry about ending up with fake or harmful products if you order from a licensed dispensary.

Dispensaries are required only to sell marijuana products that have been tested by a third party for safety and purity levels. Beyond that, delivery persons are required to follow a strict protocol to ensure that the entire delivery process goes as smoothly and safely as possible.

Is Weed Delivery Expensive?

As you would probably expect, in most cases, having weed delivered to your home comes with some type of delivery charge, as dispensaries need to cover transportation costs as well as employ drivers. But in almost all cases, delivery fees are minimal and fair and no different from the fees you pay to have food delivered to your home.

Note: Marijuana is taxed in Vermont, and that’s the same whether you buy from a dispensary or order for delivery. The tax greatly helps their economy and enables the state to continue enforcing strict regulations that keep the cannabis market safe.

Weed Delivery in Vermont: “Freedom and Unity”

Overall, Vermont is a very cannabis-friendly state.  However, currently, their delivery service only exists for medical patients. Still, as time goes on, we expect that they will open up delivery to recreational users, as many other states are doing, but for the time being, delivery for medical patients is a safe and easy way to access marijuana without having to leave home. And, once they do, this is where you’ll be able to see weed delivery in Vermont truly shine.