Weed Delivery in Boston

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
December 18, 2020
Boston Weed Delivery
Boston Weed Delivery

Can I get Weed Delivery in Boston?

Throughout the city of Boston, the marijuana business is booming thanks to legalization laws that have made it accessible to those wishing to use it recreationally as well as medicinally.  Dispensaries are popping up all around the greater Boston area, bringing in enormous revenue which is benefiting the state of Massachusetts and its citizens.

One service that has been relatively controversial since it first began is weed delivery, which has evolved over the last couple of years due to changing laws.  Weed delivery is exactly as it sounds – you order your desired marijuana products using your phone, and shortly after, they arrive at your door.

Why Choose Weed Delivery in Boston?

Few will argue that a weed delivery service sounds like a pretty appealing way to maintain a nice stash of bud.  Rather than having to get dressed and run off to the nearest dispensary, you can sit back, watch tv in your sweatpants and order your herb as needed.  As you can imagine, this really comes in handy when you realize your supply is low and don’t have the energy or time to run out.

There is an ethical value in it as well.  We know that a lot of people who use marijuana daily are those who are dealing with pain, mental health disorders and other ailments that can make it more difficult to get out of the house regularly.  Being able to order weed online means that they don’t have to.  This service allows them to get deliveries at their doorstep at their convenience, which aids in making marijuana universally accessible to those dealing with various health conditions.

Massachusetts legalized recreational weed not too long ago, and it didn’t take long for this to become a thriving industry throughout the state.  Boston residents have access to a number of licensed dispensaries from which they can buy the most appealing buds, edibles, vapes and more.

The state also legalized the use of weed delivery services for medical marijuana patients, and just a little over a month ago, they expanded the law to allow recreational marijuana to be delivered also.  This has not yet gone into effect due to the divided opinions of state legislators.  It was passed to act as a safe alternative to black market marijuana services, by ensuring that companies that can deliver must obtain a license.

What this means is that local dispensaries can deliver, as can those who do not own a store, but get their supplies from distributors. Because of Massachusetts law, the person ordering must be above the age of 21 and provide a photo ID to verify their age.

How to Choose the Best Weed Delivery Service in Boston

First, it’s important that you do your homework before choosing a specific weed delivery service.  Avoid services with poor reviews or no reviews at all, and research them further to make sure that they are legitimate, and a licensed business.

There are two main ways to get weed delivery in the city of Boston.

  • Use of a third-party app, which gives you a full breakdown of the various products that are available in your area for delivery. This is good for the type of user who wants as wide of a selection of products to choose from as possible or is looking for something very specific.  However, you may have to pay an extra free, as this is how these services make their money
  • Going with a weed company directly – either a licensed dispensary or a licensed weed distributor who is authorized to sell via delivery by a state permit. This may mean a more limited selection but is likely to be the less expensive option.

Process of Ordering Weed for Delivery in Boston

Now, let’s talk about the process of ordering weed via delivery in the city of Boston.

Method #1: Via a Third-Party App

First make sure to choose a legitimate app that gives you a good idea of what is available and has good customer reviews.  Look through the selection of products, which come from a variety of dispensaries, and make sure that your payment method, address, phone number and photo id verification are set up so that the act of purchasing is a smooth one.  Once you are done filling your cart, you can check out, at which time you’ll be told your delivery time window so you can know when your stash will arrive.

Method #2: Via a Local Dispensary or Business

Simply go to their website and fill up your cart as you do whenever you shop online.  Make sure to enter your correct address and phone number upon checking out and have your photo ID available to verify that you’re of legal age to make the purchase.  Again, you’ll be given a delivery time window so that you can know when you’ll be able to expect your herb to arrive at your door.

Things to Keep in Mind When Using a Weed Delivery Service

Massachusetts laws regarding weed delivery are still being refined, and so you will need to check in periodically to see how they are evolving so that you can get as much out of this type of service as possible.  Also, remember that delivery times can vary depending on where you live and the current traffic patterns in your area.

Enjoy Your Cannabis in the Commonwealth State

It’s clear that the Bostonians want a convenient way to purchase their marijuana, which is why weed delivery services are popping up as the laws allow them to thrive.  Now that you know how this type of service works, start buying your bud in a more convenient way than ever before.

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