Where to Buy CBD Flower in Alabama

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
April 2, 2021
Alabama Weed Buy
Alabama Weed Buy

Alabama residents are showing more enthusiasm for CBD, as are residents all over the country.  The hemp boom has inspired many people to explore cannabidiol-infused products in order to see whether or not they can find relief that they are looking for in a natural and holistic way. Any Alabamian can explore all kinds of unique delivery methods and formulas, but one type of product that’s really growing in popularity at a rapid pace is CBD flower.


CBD flower, also referred to as CBD buds, hemp buds, or hemp flower, refers to the raw, pure, and unprocessed buds of the hemp plant.  These are picked from industrial hemp at the right time to ensure that they contain a generous array of desirable compounds, with CBD being at the top of that list.


Now, CBD flower may be rising greatly in popularity, but there are plenty of Alabamans who still are not sure where to find high-quality hemp buds, let alone whether or not it’s legal.

CBD laws can be confusing when you get to a state level, as some states have chosen not to adhere to federal law when it comes to the hemp plant.  CBD flower is banned in some states for various reasons, but the good news is that Alabama is not one of those states.  In Alabama, the laws regarding hemp match those of federal law, which declared hemp legal back in 2018 as a result of the passing of the Farm Bill.  This piece of legislation determined that hemp and all of its derivatives can be used legally throughout the country as long as products contain no more than 0.3% THC.


Because of this, residents there are free to enjoy CBD flower as they so desire, with no real restrictions other than a limit of how much THC can be in the flower product – 0.3% — which is essentially the amount that naturally occurs in industrial hemp anyway.

In the state of Alabama, there is no limit as to how much CBD flower you can possess at any given time.  What this means is that residents of the state are free to buy as much flower as they wish without risk of getting into trouble with the law.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in Alabama?

With the CBD flower market growing and growing, Alabama residents can choose from a wider array of CBD flower products than they ever could before.  Now, let’s talk about the different types of flower products that are available.


Hemp is bred in the form of different strains, with each strain promoting unique effects thanks to its distinctive profile of terpenes.  Choosing a specific strain allows us to have more control over the effects that we experience.  There are seemingly countless strains available on the market that can be enjoyed when we choose CBD flower as our means for taking hemp.

Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls

CBD flower can be taken in two distinctive ways:

  • Loose buds come in an airtight pouch or jar, and consist simply of the loose buds of the hemp plant which can be utilized in a number of ways.
  • Pre-rolls consist of ground up flower buds rolled into paper for smoking purposes.

What to Look for in CBD Flower

When it comes to shopping for CBD flower, you always need to make sure that you end up with a genuine, high-quality product.  Now, let’s go over some things that you should always be paying attention to when shopping for hemp flower of any kind.

#1: Lab Reports

Companies nowadays prioritize third-party testing to maintain quality control and prove their legitimacy to consumers.  This involves sending off batches of hemp products to a registered third-party laboratory to have it analyzed for purity, quality, chemical composition and more.  Before buying CBD flower, you should check these lab reports to know that you are getting a quality product.

#2: Freshness

CBD flower does begin to lose its freshness after about 6 months, and this means that the chemical compounds begin to degrade and lose their effectiveness as a result.  This is why it is important to buy from a reputable company with a high product turnover rate, to ensure you do not end up with flower that’s expired.

#3: Transparency

CBD companies are all but obligated to be transparent with their customers, sharing information pertaining to how they source their hemp material, their manufacturing practices and whether or not they are selling organically grown buds.

#4: A Legal Product

CBD flower and marijuana flower are identical in appearance and aroma, and it’s easy to confuse them.  However, marijuana remains illegal in Alabama, so it’s crucial that you know you’re buying hemp by choosing a trustworthy and respected company.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Alabama

Here is where we will quick touch upon the best sources for finding quality, genuine CBD flower in this state.

Vape Shops

Vape shops may carry CBD flower in your area, and it is likely to be genuine flower.  However, usually vape shops have limited selections as they do not specialize in hemp products.


Buying CBD flower online is the best way to go for a few reasons.  One is that the selection will be much wider, so you can be pickier about the strain you choose.  Secondly, the prices are usually better due to lower overhead costs.  Finally, CBD flower purchased online is likely to be fresher and higher in quality due to stronger demand in the online marketplace.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in Alabama

Finally, here are the places that you should avoid when purchasing CBD flower.

Gas Stations

Yes, some gas stations and similar types of businesses may carry CBD flower products.  Still, they should be completely avoided.  These businesses have notoriously low-quality standards when it comes to what they carry, so you’re unlikely to end up with the quality level that you’re looking for.

Unlicensed Businesses

Never buy CBD flower from an unlicensed vendor, such as a vendor at a local market or on Craigslist.  Selling CBD requires a specific license that shows that the vendor has integrity.

Third-Party Online Vendors

Do not buy CBD flower on Amazon or eBay.  Flower is illegal to sell in these outlets, but some vendors sneak past the company’s rules, and worse, you are very likely to find fake product here.

Sweet Home CBD Flower Euphoria

CBD flower is becoming massively popular throughout Alabama, and the good news for residents is that it’s not only fully legal throughout the entire state, but also very easy to find compared to just a few years ago.  Today’s hemp market offers a rich array of strains to choose from, allowing enthusiasts to really customize their CBD experience.  And, now that you know where to find the highest-quality flower possible, no matter if you live in Mobile, Birmingham, or even Montgomery, start choosing which type of product you would like to try.