Where to Buy CBD Flower in New Hampshire

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
April 10, 2021
New Hampshire Cannabis Where To Buy
New Hampshire Cannabis Where To Buy

In New Hampshire, residents from areas like Nashua and Keene are largely embracing the CBD trend as the state has maintained lax cannabis laws for quite some time.  Nowadays, it is easier than ever before for them to explore all kinds of quality hemp products by simply stepping into a store in town.  Of all of the CBD products that are out there, none offers the pure, raw compounds of hemp like CBD flower.


Also known as CBD buds, hemp buds, or hemp flower, CBD flower is nothing but the pure and raw buds of the hemp plant, cured naturally, and bursting with desirable compounds including a rich array of cannabinoids, terpenes, and nutrients.  Many people are gravitating toward it because of the fact that it is natural and unprocessed, potentially enhancing its bioavailability.


If you are interested in trying out CBD flower as a resident of the Mother of River, then allow us to make your life easier.

We know that New Hampshire has some interesting views regarding the cannabis genus, which is why it’s no surprise that CBD flower is legal throughout this state.  In fact, CBD flower is legal federally, as Congress declared hemp and its derivatives legal back in 2018 with the passing of the Farm Bill.  Since then, Americans have been permitted to use CBD flower as long as they do not live in a state that has banned this type of product, of which there are a small handful.


Federal law determines that hemp products can only be legal if they possess a maximum of 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, a plant still prohibited federally speaking.  However, because NH has legalized cannabis, Granite Staters are not restricted to a 0.3% maximum when it comes to hemp products.  Still, only about 0.3% THC is found in the hemp plant in its natural state.

There is no possession limit in this state that determines how much CBD flower a person can possess at any given time.  This means they can legally purchase and own as much flower as they’d like with no risk of getting into legal trouble.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in New Hampshire?

These days, there is a wider array of CBD flower products than ever before due to growing demand.  NH residents will benefit from knowing the different types of flower that are available in order to choose a product that’s the most likely to suit their needs.


Hemp flower comes in a dazzling array of strains nowadays, with each strain having its own unique terpene composition so that different strains can yield different effects.  Being able to choose from so many strains can help us zero in on that which we are trying to get out of our daily hemp routines.

Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls

CBD flower can be purchased in two different forms.

  • Loose buds are just whole hemp buds ready to be smoked, cooked with or vaporized.
  • Pre-rolls are simply ground up buds rolled into paper for a user-friendly means for smoking the plant.

What to Look for in CBD Flower

While it is great that more companies are offering CBD flower, some flower may be better than others in terms of quality.  So, there some important factors to look out for when shopping for flower, to ensure that you end up with the highest-quality product possible.

#1: Lab Reports

It has become standard practice for any company selling CBD to have their products tested by a registered third-party laboratory facility.  This allows the company to offer objective and unbiased information about the quality, purity, and chemical breakdown of the product that they sell.  Any company selling flower should make these resulting lab reports accessible to customers.

#2: Freshness

CBD flower should always be as fresh as possible.  Besides the fact that flower can lose its flavor after about 6 months, it can also lose its potency as the compounds break down rapidly.  Buying from a reputable, trusted company with a fast product turnover rate can help you avoid ending up with expired flower.

#3: Transparency

It is always important that CBD companies aim to be as transparent as possible with customers because today’s consumer is more discerning when it comes to hemp.  A company selling flower should share information about where the plant was grown and whether or not it was grown using certified organic methods.  They should also make it clear that the flower is non-GMO.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in New Hampshire

Now, we can talk about the best places to find quality CBD flower in this amazing New England state.

Vape Shops

You may come across CBD flower in vape shops around areas like Concord or Portsmouth.  However, the selection may be extremely limited as these stores do not specialize in hemp.


Local dispensaries may carry high-quality CBD flower goods.  Always call-in advance to make sure your local dispensary does carry hemp flower.


Buying CBD flower online is usually your best bet, with a wider product selection, higher quality standards and lower prices due to lower overhead costs.  Due to high demand, companies that sell flower online must maintain stricter standards overall.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in New Hampshire

Here are the places to avoid when shopping for CBD flower.

Gas Stations

Yes, some gas stations may carry CBD flower products.  However, you should not buy from these locations.  These types of businesses do not have high quality standards and may sell expired product as demand for hemp in these locations is low.

Unlicensed Businesses

Do not cbd flower from an unlicensed vendor on Craigslist or social media, or at a local market.

Third-Party Online Vendors

Online platforms like eBay and Amazon notoriously have problems with sellers offering fake product.  Avoid these types of locations at all costs.

CBD Flower in All Its Glory Can Be Experienced in the Granite State

CBD flower is extremely popular in New Hampshire, which is not too much of a surprise considering the state’s ever-growing cannabis industry.  Having a better understanding now of legally acquiring pure hemp flower in an enormous array of popular strains, you can choose from the above trusted sources to find the highest-quality flower that exists on the market.

While not all CBD flower is equally high in quality and freshness, there are plenty of distributors and vendors who offer the absolute best flower for the most successful hemp experience possible.