Where to Buy CBD Flower in New Jersey

Medically reviewed by Alexander Tabibi, MD
November 19, 2020
Buy Weed New Jersey (CBD)
Buy Weed New Jersey (CBD)

Can I Buy CBD Flower in New Jersey?

There’s no doubt that New Jersey residents are extremely excited about the booming CBD industry, with more and more New Jerseyans incorporating hemp into their daily routines.  One of the top-selling products throughout the hemp market right now is CBD flower, which is the raw buds of the hemp plant, where all of the chemical compounds that we desire naturally occur.  CBD flower, also known as hemp flower or hemp buds, is a lot more than a passing trend, as many people are finding that they prefer this purer, more natural form of cannabidiol.


As CBD flower continues to rise in popularity, more and more New Jersey residents are wondering where they can find the best options for their needs and goals.  Also, many residents are still unsure as to whether or not it’s actually legal to purchase and use, given the complicated history with cannabis laws that we are all well aware of.

As it turns out, CBD flower is completely legal in the state of New Jersey.  This is because New Jersey’s state laws simply adhere to the federal laws regarding hemp, as put forth in the Farm Bill of 2018.  The Farm Bill decriminalized the hemp plant, stating that all hemp and hemp-derived goods can be legally purchased and used as long as they contain a maximum of 0.3% THC.  While state laws can adjust these laws as they see fit, New Jersey is a completely CBD-friendly state in which hemp flower and all other hemp products can be used lawfully.

Additionally, there are no laws stating that a person can only possess a certain amount of CBD flower at any given time.  This means that you can purchase however much you’d like and use it freely.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in New Jersey?

Now that you know that CBD flower is perfectly legal in the state of New Jersey, let’s talk about the different kinds of flower products you can find throughout the state.

Various Strains

CBD flower is available in a huge variety of unique strains, which is something that makes it especially popular.  The strain refers to the unique chemical composition of a particular breed of the hemp plant.  As each chemical compound has its own properties, different strains can produce different desirable effects.  In New Jersey, you can find a wide range of popular strains of hemp in the form of CBD flower.

Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls

Generally, you can find CBD flower in two different forms: loose buds and pre-rolls.  Loose buds are, as one would assume, just the loose, raw buds of the hemp plant, which can be smoked, vaporized or cooked with.  Then you have pre-rolls, which are buds rolled up in paper for smoking purposes.

What to Look for in CBD Flower

Let’s go over the factors to look for in a CBD flower product, before we get into the places in which you can buy flower products in New Jersey.

#1: Lab-Testing

It’s absolutely essential that companies have their hemp products tested by a third-party lab, and this applies to CBD flower as well.  A third-party lab will test for potency, purity, chemical composition and overall quality, and the manufacturer will make these lab results available to customers.

#2: Freshness

CBD flower does start to lose its potency as it ages, and only lasts for about 6 to 12 months depending on how it’s stored.  If the flower looks dull in color or has a weak or stale aroma, then it’s probably no longer fresh, and may not be able to give you the experience you’re looking for.

#3: Transparency

Make sure that you buy CBD flower from a company that is transparent when it comes to how their products are sourced and made.  The more transparent the company, the better, as this implies that they have nothing to hide.

#4: Legality

Finally, it’s always important to know that you’re buying CBD flower and not marijuana flower, as the two look and smell basically identical.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in New Jersey

So, where should you buy CBD flower in the state of New Jersey?  Let’s go over the best options.

Vape Shops

It’s not too surprising that lots of vape shops in New Jersey are selling CBD flower products.  Many vape enthusiasts are also hemp enthusiasts and licensed vape shops are therefore offering high-quality hemp goods in their stores.  Make sure that the vape shop in your area sells products from trusted brands.

Online CBD Distributors

Many hemp enthusiasts prefer to buy directly from online distributors who can legally ship products to New Jersey residents.  These online distributors typically have very high standards when it comes to the brands that they carry and offer a wider selection of flower products than what you would find in stores.

CBD Companies

You can also buy CBD flower directly from the manufacturer via their website.


If you have a medical marijuana card, you may be able to find hemp flower in licensed dispensaries.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in New Jersey

Here are the places from which we do not recommend purchasing CBD flower.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

As CBD becomes more popular, we’re finding that some convenience stores and gas stations are offering hemp products including CBD flower.  We do not recommend purchasing from these retailers as they are unlikely to have high standards about the quality of the CBD they sell.

Unlicensed Businesses

Avoid unlicensed businesses and vendors, as they may not be able to achieve a license to sell cannabidiol of any type/kind for a reason.

Third-Party Online Vendors

Never look for hemp flower from online third-party vendor companies like eBay.  First of all, these companies forbid the selling of cbd products .  Secondly, if a vendor manages to find a way to get around these rules, they are unlikely to be an honest and legitimate company to begin with.

Final Thoughts

In the state of New Jersey, residents are free to explore the wide variety of CBD flower products that are available.  What’s important is that you choose only high-quality flower products from trustworthy sources.  As you can see, New Jerseyans have plenty of sources from which to buy exceptional hemp flower goods to incorporate into their routines.