Where to Buy CBD Flower in Washington

November 19, 2020
sativa or indica? Washington weed
sativa or indica? Washington weed

Where can I Buy CBD Flower in Washington?

CBD flower is quickly becoming a hot item on the hemp market, and it’s easy to see why.  This particular product offers the purest form of the compounds in hemp, being the raw flower buds picked from the mature industrial hemp plant.  Within these buds you’ll find a naturally high level of cannabidiol along with other cannabinoids as well as terpenes, flavonoids and nutrients that all work together harmoniously to produce a well-rounded experience.


If you live in the state of Washington, you may be wondering how you can get your hands on this exciting CBD product, and you may also be unsure as to whether or not it’s legal.

Is CBD Flower Legal in Washington?

It’s understandable that a lot of Washingtonians are unsure as to whether or not they can legally purchase and use hemp flower.  After all, our country’s relationship with cannabis hasn’t exactly been a smooth one.  But, in 2018, the United States passed the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp throughout the country via federal law.  The federal law states that hemp products are perfectly legal as long as they have 0.3% THC at most.  This is about the amount that naturally occurs in the hemp plant anyway.


Once the Farm Bill was passed, states could choose to adhere or come up with their own hemp laws.  But Washington decided to stick with the Farm Bill, which means that hemp is completely legal throughout the state, including CBD flower products.  Further, Washington has legalized recreational marijuana use.

Is There a Legal Possession Limit in Washington?

The state of Washington does not have a legal possession limit.  Therefore, residents of the state are free to possess as much CBD flower as they’d like at any given time.

What Kinds of CBD Flower are Available in Washington?

There are many different unique CBD flower products on the market and knowing the different varieties that are available can help you choose the best product for your individual goals.

A Variety of Strains

Hemp comes in many unique strains, or breeds.  Each strain has a distinctive chemical composition, boasting its own variety and organization of cannabinoids and terpenes.  Each strain, therefore, offers unique properties to the body and mind.  CBD flower is available in a huge array of strains compared to many other hemp products that are on the market, which allows users to choose the types of effects they would like to experience.

Loose Buds and Pre-Rolls

CBD flower comes in two variations: loose and pre-rolled.  Loose buds are the raw buds of hemp that can be utilized as the user desires, and are most commonly vaped, smoked or used for cooking or baking.  Pre-rolls are a more user-friendly option for those who wish to smoke the flower, as they offer the buds conveniently pre-rolled in paper.

What to Look for in CBD Flower

Let’s talk about the various things you should be looking for while you shop for CBD flower, so that you can end up with the highest-quality and most effective product possible.

#1: Lab-Testing

First, you should look for third-party testing.  Any legitimate hemp company has their products tested by a third-party lab in order to verify the quality and purity levels of the product.  Companies will make these lab reports available to customers so that the customers can know that the product is capable of meeting their needs.

#2: Freshness

Hemp flower is good for anywhere from six to twelve months, depending on whether or not it was stored in an ideal environment.  Once hemp degrades, its potency decreases.  You always want to go with fresh hemp buds as they are properly potent.  Look for a strong aroma and vibrant color.

#3: Transparency

CBD flower brands should be as transparent as possible in order to build trust with customers.  You want to know that the company is sourcing their hemp from top-rated farmers, and that they use all of the best manufacturing practices to ensure high-quality and effective products.  You should be able to find plenty of information about their practices on their website.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Washington

Now, let’s break down the best places from which to buy CBD flower in the state of Washington.

Vape Shops

Various vape shops throughout the state sell CBD flower.  This is unsurprising when you consider how many people vape flower buds.  You’ll want to make sure that the vape shop you choose sells high-quality products from brands that have a good reputation.  You may also find vaping devices for flower products in these stores.

Online Hemp Distributors

Distribution companies that specialize in CBD will likely offer the widest variety of CBD flower products, which is great if you’re someone with more particular needs.  Besides that, you’ll likely find great prices.  Distribution companies tend to have very high standards as far as the brands that they carry, and can legally ship flower to your door.

CBD Companies

Additionally, you can easily purchase CBD flower directly from the companies who manufacture it.


Dispensaries in Washington may offer CBD flower along with regular marijuana.  We do recommend contacting the location beforehand as some offer only limited varieties.

Where Not to Buy CBD Flower in Washington

Here are the places where you should not buy CBD flower.

Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

While it may be tempting to grab some CBD flower while you’re filling up your tank or picking up some snacks, we do not recommend buying this product in a gas station or convenience store.  This is because it’s unlikely that these businesses know how to verify that the quality of the CBD product is high.

Unlicensed Businesses

Always avoid vendors that do not have a license to sell CBD, such as those that may be selling flower through Craigslist or at a local flea market.  Obtaining a CBD license is a sign that a company is following all of the rules and maintains high quality standards.  Any company that does not have a license could potentially be selling illegitimate or low-quality hemp goods.

Final Thoughts

The state of Washington is known for being very cannabis-friendly, so it’s not surprising that residents can freely use CBD flower as they so choose.  Now, you know where you can find it as well as what to look for to choose the best product possible.  Use this information to carefully explore what’s available on the market and select the product that’s most likely to help you reach your goals with hemp.