5 Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flower

August 25, 2020
TOP 5 CBD Benefits
TOP 5 CBD Benefits

You’ve heard of CBD (cannabadiol) and you’ve heard of Hemp, but have you heard the latest trend of consuming cbd and hemp flowers? And how do you consume them, do you eat them, smoke them, cook them, what?


First off, lets focus on the why.

Potential Benefits of CBD and Hemp Flowers

CBD is most commonly derived from Hemp because that is the only CBD considered legal by the Federal Government. So the effects and benefits touted for CBD are typically referencing Hemp-derived CBD. The only difference between hemp flower CBD and cannabis flower CBD is the amount of THC and the legality. (Note: Even if cannabis-derived CBD has 0% THC, it’s still considered illegal federally.)


So the benefits of CBD are universal and can include:

1.  Hemp Flower can be relaxing

CBD is commonly believed, with some scientific evidence, to reduce anxiety and stress, thereby making you feel more relaxed and soothed. You’ll notice the effects quickly if you smoke it because will go directly into your bloodstream. And since CBD from Hemp Flower contains no more than 0.3% THC, it will be just enough relaxation, without being too much.

2.  Hemp Flower is starting to show therapeutic potential

The therapeutic benefits of CBD apply to hemp flowers and may include improvements for:


  • Sleep and insomnia
    Sleep deprivation is common and dangerous, even deadly, that affects all of us. There is initial evidence in early studies that suggest CBD helps people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, and wake up refreshed and alert.
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
    Since Hemp flower contains high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, which are known anti-inflammatory ingredients that interact with the human endocannabinoid system, it can have a positive effect on the body’s natural healing ability. In addition, CBD has shown progress in influencing the body’s natural inflammatory response to help reduce inflammation.
  • Pain relief, including simple headaches
    Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties, full spectrum CBD, whether as oil, tinctures, or even CBD-infused topicals (lotions) can help reduce pain, whether from muscle injury, chronic pain, soreness, or even headaches.
  • Helps the Skin
    Hemp flower is full of amino acids, vitamins, and nutrients, all of which help nourish the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production. This helps in moisturizing and the reduction in appearance of fine wrinkles. With it’s anti-inflammatory properties noted above, it also has shown promise in the treatment of acne and skin conditions.
  • Heart Health
    CBD from Hemp can have a therapeutic effect on cardiovascular conditions, most commonly used to lower high blood pressure, which can have devastating effects and risks to the other systems. This makes managing high blood pressure one of the biggest health concerns today!
  • More…
    There are so many areas of interest and study of different therapeutic uses for CBD today, in various stages and settings, but there is significant promise showing the positive effects of Hemp-derived CBD on neurologic disorders, cancer treatment, both on the disease itself as well as the side effects of treatment, and more.  


You need to be aware, though, that there are still only limited studies and scientific outcomes that have been done, for a number of reasons, so the use and doses for different outcomes and conditions are proven or exact. And be sure to check with your doctor to avoid any issues with medications or other concerns. Studies are ongoing and expanding, but you can at least be assured that you may see some benefits.

3.  Hemp flower may be an alternative to nicotine

Yes, it seems counter-intuitive, to use smoking to quit smoking, but hear us out. Smoking CBD hemp is starting to show progress in helping

4.  Hemp Flower is Less Expensive

Marijuana is typically more expensive than Hemp, so if you’re interested in CBD, aside from the legality issue, it’s also generally cheaper than buying marijuana. It offers similar therapeutic effects without the intoxicating ones, so there’s really no need to spend more. If you’re looking for a higher dose of CBD, you can still get that in a hemp flower-derived product, still at a lower cost than from a marijuana plant.

5.  CBD from Hemp Flower is Legal

Hemp is legal, Marijuana is not, generally, and federally speaking. Check with your state laws to determine if CBD is legal in your state, but the federal government has designated hemp derived CBD as legal, as long as it has no more than 0.3% THC.

NOTE: Even CBD with 0.0% THC is considered illegal by the Federal Government if it is derived from the cannabis plant.

Bonus Benefit: Hemp Flower isn’t intoxicating

What’s more, is that you won’t have to worry about getting too high out of smoking it, so you can work on some projects or activities right after a good smoke. There’s no need to keep yourself tied to your apartment or house for the rest of the day.


Marijuana will still have a place in the cannabis community for many different reasons, but that doesn’t mean hemp is the inferior second choice either. It’s got advantages over marijuana in different ways, and it’s worth considering the next time you make a purchase.

How to Consume Hemp Flower

How you ingest hemp flower depends on what you want out of it and requires a little biology and chemistry summary.

Ingesting and dosing.

CBD is fat soluble (as is THC), so it’s easy to include in butter or oil to digest it. The effects will be longer term since it’s a relative slow process, and takes time to get through your full digestive system. But keep in mind it has to go through the liver which breaks it down further, so the effectiveness is reduced, requiring potentially higher doses or potency for the effect.

Dosing is important because of the delay, so when trying it, make sure you are consistent and patient, allowing time for the effects to occur. Start slow and add as needed. You can always add more, you can’t “un eat” it!

Summary: In a nutshell, it takes longer to get to the blood stream and has been filtered by your digestive system.

Smoking- This is the fastest way to get the CBD into your bloodstream and to feel the effects. As such, it reaches your entire body quicker and with more potency per dose. How you choose to smoke the hemp flower is your choice.

  • Bowl
  • Joint
  • Vaping


Be careful, though. Smoking will get the CBD into your system carefully, but it also has it’s drawbacks. We all know the risks and dangers of smoking and vaping, and while inhaling hemp does not have the risks as cigarette smoking, it does still have risks, including burning.


For that reason, a frequently used method is using a dry herb vape, which gives all the entourage effects of the full spectrum flower without the burning required with smoking. Vaping also allows for better dosing control.

Summary: If you want to experience the full effects of CBD quickly, and throughout your body, inhaling the hemp flower is the most efficient way to do that. And the safest way is through dry vaping, but remember, all methods of ingesting involve some risk.